I Need Help Launching Born in a Treacherous Time!


Next month, I’ll launch my latest novel, the prehistoric fiction, Born in a Treacherous Time:

Lucy and her band of early humans struggle to survive in a world where nature rules, predators stalk them, and the next species of man threatens to destroy Lucy and everything she understands.

If you read To Hunt a Sub and loved the cameos of Lucy, the ancient female, Born in a Treacherous Time reveals her life, why she appeared to Kali as sad, and how she set off on what would be man’s African exodus. Also: Learn how to knap tools, steal carcasses from Scimitar-tooth cats, and avoid the many dangers that preyed on early man.

With a planned publication date of June 7, 2018, here’s how I’m doing:

Cover’s ready!

Thanks to the talented artists at Damonza:

Two early great reviews

If the Kirkus review hadn’t come out good, I would have buried…

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(this is coming from the mind of a cat;))

adorable animal blur cat
Photo by Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com

I will take this fuzzy thing;

You can have the kitchen set,

I will take this crumpled foil.

You can have the beach house,

I will take this tissue box.

You can have everything,

Ooh, I want those dirty socks;

For, how dare you come home, smelling like another cat…

@author, unknown;

Take Good Care

Hope everyone enjoys this poem as much as I did reading it;


I swear I saw a Red Brick Wall
Just before the Green Ceiling
Slapped back into its place.

I’d only thought about it
For a brief moment.

But such power!

I underestimate my mind
And how it touches me.

One small thought
And I’m caught.

I should take more care
What I think about
On dreaming days.

My dreaming ways.

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The World Needs

A little more kindness and a little less creed,

A little more giving and a little less greed;

A little more smile and a little less frown,

A little more ‘We’ and a little less “I’s”

A little more laugh and a little less cry;

A few more flowers on the pathway of life,

and a fewer on the graves at the end of this strife;

@author unknown;

The Waters-Poem

How beautiful are you tents of, Jacob;

your dwellings, of Israel.

The stretch out like new river and valleys, and

like gardens beside a stream,

Like aloe the LORD has planted,

like cedars beside the still waters.

And that Water will naturally flow from his buckets,

And his seed that will be by abundant water.

His King will be greater than Agag, and

his Kingdom, come that will be exalted…And Peace shall

reign- forever and ever;)))

author, unknown;

all rights reserved to @Butterfly’s Den

Personal art

Personal art, colored by myself; 


(credited to @deb_villines)


(credited to @deb_villines)

I sure do enjoy, art of any kind; I like coloring, embroidery, 
cross stitching, I find these talents, relaxing, and enjoyable, I also enjoy
quilting, at times, when I am not on the job so much; Hope these pictures,
put a smile on your face:)) as they did for me, working on them...
and as usual thanks for stopping by, the Butterfly's Den...Love, Deb

The End of Times, is as We Know it, Videos;

These are many of my research efforts, to for warn everyone; what we maybe
facing in our near feature, click on this link, you'll see, I have a couple of 
other videos to share as well.  I know we need to repent, for our souls sake.

This is what I have learned from one of my research videos, many of you may
not believe me, but I feel a strong need, to warn people.  So we can have time 
to be prepared.
 Phase 1; is the Missouri, Shelters; the government, is moving in the important 
             people, their rulers.
Phase 2; Abrupt changing, of the Global Warning, such as Earth quacks, warning,
         Causal weather, changes that slowly sneaks up on us, this is, happening.
Phase 3; People doing abnormal activity, such as Business owners, locking up the
         doors, and People who knows, goes about, things every day, as if nothing 
         is wrong, and does not, share with anyone else, so they can be prepared.
         Such as storing up can goods, and water supplies, seeds to plant and grow
         your own food.
Phase 4; This well be the End of the World as We Know it, The food we Eat now, 
         well no longer be available, the water we drink, we be a shortage, the
         fuel we use, well no longer available to get.  
         Economic Collapses, banks foreclosures, and closing doors, the money 
         loosing face value.  Buy up, gold and silver coins...

Material Laws,  
     1. They well be setting Curfews, and gun control, well be getting out of 
     2.  Food, and Fuel, and Water; Rationing well be taking place...
     3.  The All mighty, Dollar well be loosing, face value...

1. The End of Times, is as We Know it, Videos;

2. the end of days, as we know it; the Great Deception

Pure HEARTS at Peace

Pure Hearts;
@ all rights of this image belongs to dreamstime


The young heart,
is like a pure heart.

The teenage heart, is full of mischievous ways.

The young adult heart,is more of a 
learning experience.
The Elderly Heart, is more at Peace in ones sole.
And the dying Heart and sole, 
soon becomes reborn in the 
after life, and moves on.

By; Deb Villines, 2016
(all rights reserved to, 
@deb villines, Butterfly Den)