New Experience with my Teddy

Well, this is my new very first blog here on my new word press site…I just want to add a few new experiences, I just shared with my daughter Bev, also known as Teddy.

She was helping me focus, from the inside out from looking deep down, inside my guts.  She said, I can focus going way deep down into my guts, like sitting on my ‘burgundy & golden throne.’  That I have imagined for myself.  I must and show me how to clean out my gut musk.  My older energy, sort of speak… We have learned, how to technically sweep out all the gut musk, and GCB, which means; ‘Ground-Center-and Breath.’  It helps us to focus, more of our old muck and bring in new clean energy….When I came through I stretched out my arms, after taking many deep breaths…It helped me stay more focused on new clean air and energy…And it helped me feel alot lighter, and cleaner sort of speak.  I feel so much more relaxed.