Something New Going on yea; (the gossip center);

Something New Is Really Going on, in the gossip center;

Well, here it is, my former boss, has had a few uncontrollable issues, that has gotten herself into loads of trouble, both with the Law, that has sent her and the Company into the Courts rooms. Well, for the end of the court trials, they tried to keep it all hush/ hush to the public. But someone some how leaked alot of personal information out. And it sounds like, she has compensated some of the clients, personal funds, for her personal use, and she got caught red handed… Well needless to say; alot of us didn’t know for sure if we had any jobs left to be had. And I for one, did not call of but 2 times with in the 2 year period that I have been on duty working many long night hours… I seldom, get called into the office, unless a client or two tries to get me into trouble, due to their own personal issues, and jealousy acts. Why you ask, because one of the girls, gets a ‘one on one staff’ to herself, and the other girl client, don’t. Of course due to the HIPAA rules Act, I can’t say any names or anything here. For invasion of their privacy. Lets just say, its been a very long 2 or 3 months, of waiting to see who will buy our Company. But oh, I forgot to mention, the boss lady, ended up Donating our Company, to its rightful owner. Go figure. But for the end results, someone did take over, her Major mistakes, and Yea;)) I still have a job to go to, at 11 pm…And yea I’ll get a regular pay check. But hey, what can I say, someone has to do it, and it puts food on the table…What would you all do?
We were all offered, to quit our jobs, and claim ‘Unemployment’ but that option, didn’t work for me, they said, you can’t get rehired if you did…And, ‘unemployment’ don’t last fore ever, now does it…I’d rather, have a job to go to; that helps pays the bills better… Wouldn’t you?

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