My New Christain Life

I am a reborn Christian, I enjoy visiting people, from my local congregation, whenever I can, and whenever I am off work. Especially though who can’t get out, and about, and they are in a Nursing Home, or living at home with family and loved ones. This is my way; of spreading the good word. Plus, we have been handed a few tracks, that speaks of great experiences, from our pastor, at church. I do my best to always attend church. They have asked me to play the piano, but I need to move my other one over to my new house; the Lord willing, it doesn’t get damaged, in the process of moving it, as its on the heavy side.
Since my father’s death, I have been doing my best to relive my Christian life, and teach my children to do the same, but as they got older, they are stuck in their own lives pattern. And they tend to follow the way of the crowd, or the Worldly way, sort of speaking. I try and read good written books, and daily bible scriptures when time allows me too…Especially in the morning. To help me deal with my personal depression, and since one of my good friends passed away, whom I have known her since the 8th grade, most all my life.
Here is one of my favorite songs.

My sister and I used to sing this song; shortly, after my own mother’s passing, back in 1969; I was 12 years old…She had cancer. She had left behind 5 children and the last one was a baby…Please, take a moment to listen, this little girl was 8 years old, at the time of her mom passing to Heaven from Cancer as well…

Amazing Grace;

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