A Message to My Mother

Dear Mother you are among the dearest treasures,
I can have in my life, you put a gleam in my eyes
and a joy in my heart.

I know you try your best to weave the loom of my life, that I can live by;
but many times the threads do not seem to fall into place. They seem to be tangled, but my heart is assured that you are trying to work out the best design that you can.

Not all designers in life are great and famous, and some are weak, some are meek, and some are bold, plus some are strong, but I know in my heart;
Mother if you could weave the loom of life perfectly and take all of the tangles out and be the greatest designer of all, that this you would do for me.

Forget it Mom, I Love you;))

author; unknown;
this is a message to the family members of a dear friend of mine; since the 8th grade;)) You all know who I am…Love you all, even though I seldom say it;

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