My Imaginations Friends

Take off your shoes, and stay awhile;

I have a few ideas, I wanted to put into a story, but not sure how to begin it; but these thoughts, keeps staying in my mind, until I write them down.  So here goes nothing.

I have been watching these 3 horses in the back fence, of my back yard.  They have a special look about them, and colors that distinctly tell them apart from each other.  One of them has brown and white spots on her side, the other is all black with a partially white face.  Then there is the all brown horse, he is almost a chocolate color.  These horses has become my imagination friends.  Alot of the times, I would walk around my back yard or what I call the 40 acre woods, and these horses would be standing down there, as if they were waiting for me.  Sometimes, I would have an apple to share a few bites with them, or two.  They would like that taste it and around in glee and happiness and return once again, for me to pet them, and talk to them.  They were all 3 very calm in nature.  The brown and white horse is female, I called her DEE DEE,  or princess.  They black one, is a male, he is King Anthony, and the Brown one, is a male he is Prince Charles.  Well sooner or later, they were growing up.  They had their favorite bushes to run too, and eat of their favorite fruits, and leaves, and be gracing in the grass of the Land of Plenty at the same time.  (Of coarse we all know horses don’t talk for real, but these 3 do, kinda like telepathy thoughts, only I could here them verbally sometimes.  In this magical story, you can’t help to want to hear them.  As these 3 friends, would become teenagers they would eventually develop wings, like the Pegasuses, and they would learn to fly.  DEE DEE, would say to Anthony; ‘lets see who could run the fastest;’  So they both took off, running as if they were in a race.  She would be giggling to herself, like

‘I am faster, than you are;’  this is her favorite thing to do, is run and feel the breeze running through her brown main, on the back of her head.  He’d be running, and as if he’s gasping for air, saying; ‘Slow down.’  I am trying to catch up with you.  Soon, she did.  They could talk about anything together, their thoughts, about their feelings, and things that happened to them during their day.  Even during the snowing days; they would come out and play.  She would be so happy as she stayed in the favorite bushes, with her mum, who kept her warm at night, or in the deserted barn, they had at the end of the field.  There was plenty of land for them to explore, and plenty of trees too.  To be continued to part 2;

(all rights reserved to the author;)

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