Be Good TO your Self, it don’t Hurt;)

Are you a Happy Cloud, or a Sad Cloud?

Are you a Positive Thinker, or a Negative thinker?

Have you been good to yourself, as Much as you can be?

For a positive great outlook, in life, for don’t you think you have earned it?

When you wake up, in the Wee early hours, of a morning,

what mood do you find yourself in?

Are you in a singing mood, or a jumpy and happy glad to be awake?

Or are you sad, all the time, feeling down in the dumps, about anything you decide to do?  Some times, I have days like this and I have to talk myself out of these down times…Or do things that I enjoy doing…

Do you take care of yourself? Or let yourself Lack in the simple things, in life?  Like, take in a movie with a close friend, munch on popcorn, or your favorite snack, it don’t hurt us to splurge sometimes, on our diets, right?  As long as its within reason.  As long as it makes you happy, to be Good to yourself,  some of us, gets really busy, and caught up in our daily routines, to even notice, what we lack in.  Don’t you agree;) Have a Blessed Day;)))  And always remember be good to yourself… Because you are important too;)

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