Realizing Your, True Realization of Yourself, (Inspirational)

Have you ever wondered, why some people always get what they want and you don’t get yours’ no matter how hard you try.  Well, just say yes; and Yes, and YES;) again, and again.  Because, sometimes its how we see ourselves, but not necessarily how others see us at the time.

Sometimes, so many of us, like to be reminded of our past, and stay in our past, for whatever reason…Well I have just come to realize this is what’s happened to me.  Because, I have been so stuck on loosing my own mother, at an early age of 12 years old.  I tend to blame myself, and many times envy others…I have to let my past go, and move on, keep moving on until I find my success.  I have a natural love for writing, and this could be my own block.  Now I have to deal with the present time, my Now time…The loss of my Father, in Feb. 3, 2015.  These kind of  losses of family and loved ones, is so difficult to change the hurt.  I have listened to these so many times, of Abraham, she is an author, and public speaker of the ‘Law of Attraction.’  I find her very inspiring, I will share many of her quotes, and you tube video’s … She says’ many times its some times best to talk to yourself, to help you analysis what is happening to you.  This helps you find what the real problem is, note; (I would do this in the privacy of your own home.)  I haven’t yet practiced this method yet, I find it a bit emberacing.  But if it works why not?

I am now quoting, the ‘Vibrational’ boundaries, are found with in, as you are sitting in your own ‘Vortex’.  The ‘Vortex’ is where you store up, your wants, and many desires.  Another way to look it this ‘Vortex’ is like the tornado, from the ‘Wizard of Oz.’  It kinda looks like that.   She also says, this, you need to ‘Launch many of your own Rockets’ of your desires, more than one time a day. (Figuratively speaking).  (

Many times, you will get a few Glimpses of what your Future, could be like.   What these are is like, brief images, of things you may want for yourself.  Rather its being a Published Writer, or have an Office position at work on the job.   Its kinda like storing up, many Christmas presents for yourself, to open up later in your imaginations of your visionary dream boards.  But always remember, never, but never give up…There is always light at the end of your tunnel.

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