My younger days, A Brief Auto Biography, (Read at your own Risk, depressing at times)

Ok, this image is from a start of a New Day, last week, we had lots of clouds setting, in; But don’t let them fool you, it was a very Bright Sunny day after all.  But, I was going to share a small piece of my past, to give you heads up, it can be depressing for some people.  My real mother, bless her heart, she was a very talented woman, she also sewed, and was Chior teacher at Church.  She could sing like an Angel, so many people have said, and she played the piano, and violin, very well, she taught me how to play since I was 5 years old.  Well, I am the first born, the doctors told my parents they couldn’t have children for 7 years they tried to have a baby.  Been married since 1950.  Well, here I come along I was a ‘preemie- baby’, and a blue baby, I had a hole in my heart about the size of a quarter.  Well, the doctors couldn’t operate on me as I was too small they said, a little over 5 lbs, my first bed, was staying in an Incubator in the ICU at Children’s Mercy.  I have one photo that shows this.  I was weak growing up in grade school, and a bit of ‘dis lexis’, with a reading disorder, but with the help of Resource teachers, I got through these issues.  I managed to get average grades, I had the ‘3 day missals’, the ‘mumps’, and ‘chicken pops’, just to name a few diseases.  My sister Yvonne was born 2 years later, then 2 years after that here came my brother Ben.  They were normal babies, at birth.  My dad called me his Miracle Child.  Then came another brother 3 years later, William.  And 2 years after that, as Jennifer.  Shortly after her birth, my mother became very ill, that started from a blood clod in her leg, ended up with Cancer, it was a Brain Tumor.  She passed away, in 1969.  Well this is when my life took a drastic turn for the worst.

Three years later, dad remarried a woman named Evelyn, with 4 boys, Brent, Kevin, Jeff, and Scott.  Then later about 2 years, they had a baby girl Sherry.  So, here I am the oldest of 10 children.  Let me tell you, I did most all the chores in the house, from scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees, to laundry, vacuuming, and polishing all the furniture, had to be just perfect.  If it wasn’t it was a spanking coming my way, and if the dishes wasn’t done after every meal, washed and dried and put away, perfect, then I was grounded.  And on just about all the weekends, I had to babysit.  And when the boys did stuff wrong, or something happened, and they all denied it was them doing it, I got into trouble, I ran and hid in the bathroom, many times to keep from getting spanked, and my brother Brent, bless his heart, got the spanking for me, he was the oldest of the her 4 boys, but she got mad at him alot too, said he was an embarrassment to the family name.  He had a speech problem, and he was funny with it.  Alot of times he’d make jokes in public.  This always made me laugh no matter where we were.  Then shortly after all this, this was my teenage years, sounds like CInderally story don’t it?  Because it was like that.  There was alot happening, I didn’t include here, way too much details, of discouragement, and it set me in a major depression for many years.  And no one to talk to, expect 3 best friends, in school.  Named Denise, Cheryl, and Sally.  My folks went to church about every Sunday, as my dad was a Minister, a Pastor of our church at that time.  My father played the guitar, and taught me some cords, and notes a few to play camp sons.  Bless his heart, I was my daddy’s girl that’s for sure.  But, then again was I, I felt like I was in competition with my sister Yvonne all the time, she was so perfect she got A’s and B’s, she was class president, and in many school activities, such as band, Chorus, and girls-basketball.  As for me, I liked Swimming, Volleyball, and shooting basket ball hoops, but I didn’t play in the games as much as she did, I had to babysit on the weekends remember.  She seemed to get everything at that time, it made me extremely jealous.  But later on in life, I asked her for my forgiveness, and she accepted it.  As we were children back then, life without a mother was hard.  But its even harder growing up with a mean Step-mother.  Don’t you agree?  I will continue more on this story in another post, with my ex husband, and the emotional and physical abuse, I had to go through with him.  You are welcomed to continue reading if you like, if its not too depressing for you.  (Eventually, I did outgrow all of these issues.)

(all rights reserved to the author, copyrighted 2015, @mamadebbs)

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