Sunday, a Different Day, but a Special Day

Well, today is a very different day, I have to go to work, on one of my days off, on the Weekend.  part of a shift anyways, but still it breaks all the normal routines for the weekend.  I could of gone to a musical show.  But it happens once every 3rd Sunday evening.  They are called the ‘Blue Grass Blue eyed Blondie’s.’  But because I work the overnights, I divide up my sleep, so I can function at work, without making any mistakes.  The nice thing is, I can finish up all 20 pages of my docs, pages it takes about 2 hours of my time, and finish up my chores list, and do my bed checks, meds counts, and then the extra time is mine, I can be on the computer, and crochet if I like.  What ever works to stay awake.  Well, I had a nice talk with one of my daughter’s in SC. she goes my ‘Teddybear,’ she showed me her paintings, I will be sharing them here, she said ok;) they are awesome, many of them about her Dreams.    

Also, for the next week, we have alot of major decisions coming up; such as, Do I refinance my car to up catch up on property taxes, and back state taxes?  Plus, help with consolidating hospital bills?  This is a major decision, yes it’ll help lower my car payments but, it’ll take longer to pay it off.  In the meantime my car won’t last forever, especially since it had one fender-bender and I just got it out of the shop.

We also had many thunderstorms, which for me is very relaxing, and it helps my arthritics go away… After the storm is gone…  I hope to work with her soon, on Elf,  Its an Intuitive Arts school, you can find online.  This is one example of what Teddybear paints…I am so proud of her.  (all rights reserved for the paintings  to the author @mamadebbs, may not be used)

2 thoughts on “Sunday, a Different Day, but a Special Day

  1. Thanks Lensandpensbysally, for being the very first person, to leave a comment here; I have been a member before, and forgotten about this site, now I have learned how to customize it, and work the backgrounds out, its makes it more interesting, and I can read and follow other bloggers. Don’t you think? I may cancel my other 2 blogs sites, and stay with this one, maybe.
    You are welcomed to stop by any time;) have a Blessed day…

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