Make Your Dreams Come true

Do you always, wonder how some people, always seem to get what they want, and others don’t.  Well, it seems so unfair, don’t it?  Well, as I have gotten older, I have come to realize, the ‘Law of Attraction,’ really does work.  But we have to work towards, our Dreams, Wants and Desires.  There is a certain way of doing just that.  I have been listening to Abraham Hicks, on you tube, for along while now.  She teaches we all have this ‘Vortex’  (it is like a twister), in your imaginations, where we store up, our dreams and wants.  We need to learn to make our reality a match with our Vibrational line up, (this is your feelings), with our Vortex.  But, there is lunching rockets ideas, to go along with our reality world.  What the Rockets is, she speaks about, is our New ideas, our new wants, and our new desires.  We have to learn where to Launch them, and she says, in our Vortex.  We need to motivate our desires.  It can happen, you can Change your Now;)  Its a possibility, it all depends on us, and what we say, can make a difference too.  Our attitudes, can make a difference.  How then, can we change our Reality, now?  You maybe thinking.  Yea, I have thought that for along time now.  Our, dreams is our rockets, its another way of changing our reality, by realizing, it can really happen.  You have to believe in this thought, of your biggest wants, you have to think it, want it, and believe it.  Also, another way of looking at these  simple steps.

You ‘Feel it’

You Love it,

and You believe it is yours.

If you can see your reality, and know its yours, and actually accept it, then its already yours.  Its up to you, and you alone.  Changing your own reality.  If you want money, you have to Imagine it, feel it, and accept it.  But prepare your path to accepting it, in your imagination.

We can store up our rockets, our Dreams.  We have to be in our Vortex, and feel it, make it happen.  We have to be the ones, to talk to ourselfs, to understand, what we really want.  You can tell your own story, of what you really want, then you’ll notice there is ‘Hope’ appearing, then sometimes you’ll see ‘Fear’ but you can chase that Fear, away.  Be the drama of where you are, and use this alignment, they have lined up for you. (  This is what she says, you have to ignore, this negativity, and be as positive as you can, when you launch your rockets, or you hopes and dreams, into your Vortex.  I know I said that before, but it is how this works.  You can also read up on, a book; that is written by  Rhonda Byrnes, called, ‘The Secrete.’ (

It is worth your time, to look up these web sites, I gave you as a reference, see what they are about.  Let me know what you think.  I have been practicing some of these ideas that Abraham is teaching, and sometimes it really works.

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