Strange Happenings; Happened Today

The Pic is a but blurry because it is taken through my screen window,  But it is a pic of my closset, squirrel, I have ever seen he was want under my bird feeder.  When we wasn’t looking he was upside down on the feeder, keeping the better seeds for himself.  Then he threw the other seeds to the ground to my birds.  I was so shocked, he came up this close, even with the door opened he could hear us, and see us at times inside my house.  Well, it was storming the past 3 days, with Thunder and lightening, heavy winds, so I brought the bird feeder in for 3 days, which wasn’t normal activity for me, I usually feed them about every morning, after I feed my dogs and cats.  There are days, he sits on the bird feeder, then hangs up side, down on it.

I didn’t realize at the time, that a Squirrel, would come up that close to the house, and to humans, much less stick around.  Especially when that’s the same area, where the dog leash is, and they are put out for their personal business regularly.  He would since them being around closer, when he was out, at times.  I took the chance to take some photos, of the squirrel, and the walnut, he left me, and the bird feeder to proove that he did this.  You see, a Cat, will save their best catch a dead mouse, bird or whatever they catch, and leave a present for you, on your door step.  I didn’t know that a Wild Squirrel, would do the same thing.  This really made my day.  That’s why I titled this blog ‘Strange Happenings, Happened to Today.’

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