IS There Life After Death?

Are you aware, that the people, have made and created a Hell, that we live in.  Its from our own creations.  We need to have the Spirit of God, with us, and around us.  We need to be prepared for his Second Coming.  We need too spread the Good word of God.  As a people of the church, we need to seek forgiveness, every day, we are alive.  Rather we are Christians or not, we need to be aware.  Because, where we have a Beginning, there has to be an Ending.  All good things, must come to an end.  I have had a personal dream, of Jesus, Second coming.  I know beyond a shadow of doubt, this will happen, just don’t know the time.  Only God himself maybe aware of this.  God, himself purposly, did not put Satan away, its not his time yet.  We have to fight for God’s righteousness.    We need to find it in our hearts to believe in Him, Jesus Christ, as our personal Savior.  And never ever, Deny him, for that is the unforgivable sin, because once we know him, we can not, deny Him.  This is my way of spreading the good news of his Second coming.  You don’t have to accept it, but I have to tell my story.  So I am not held accountable in the end.  Would you want to be held accountable?  Especially, when you are excited about something.

Its kinda like excitement, of opening a Christmas present.  But, we need to be made aware of these things, we can’t just keep our mouth shut.  I don’t want to loose any one’s Soul because of me.  Hope you understand, why I wrote this in my blog.  I pray you find it in your hearts, to listen, with an open mind and an open heart, to try and understand.  You can message me, if you want, but I highly recommend to find a local church, and someone who is a christian you can trust, to start asking them your questions.  Always remember, You don’t want to be left behind.  I know I don’t want to.

Do you believe there is Life, after Death?  Or do you believe we go to sleep, when we die.  I have oftened wondered this growing up.  But, lately since I lost my own father, I shared a special experience with him, spiritually, and he told me it was very Beautiful here, he said, Debbie; I wish you could be here to see this.  Because of this experience, I believe we have Life after Death.  I am preparing my personal path, as I hope you do too.  Before its too late.

(all rights reserved to the author; @mammadebbs)

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