I Thanked God For you Today, poem

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(Note, I wanted to share this beautiful poem, enjoy)

I Thanked God For you Today;

You’re one of my heart’s favorite people, and I want you to know, that I thanked God for you today.

I wished you an abundance of Love, and joy, and Good Health, and the best of everything.

I prayed that you would have the kind of faith and wisdom, you need to accomplish anything and everything, and your heart desires.

I wished you happiness, along the way.

People who enrich our Lives are such a blessing.

I consider you a treasure that I would never want to Lose.

(by, Donna F.) (all rights reserved) (photos are mine, all rights reserved to @mamadebbs)

Our Inner Compass!

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Trusting your Inner Compass

 Each of us are unique, each of us has our own sense of ‘Right and Wrong’ and our own way of experiencing that world. While I know that I often look to find answers to life’s Questions by looking outside of myself, absorbing through reading and by asking others their opinions, answers given to us are only their outlook, their view point. And that viewpoint is coloured by their experiences in life,  which may not be mine or yours.

Our world view is coloured by the opinions of others, we are brought up within indoctrinated systems that is teaching us constantly other’s points of view.. We then form our own judgements  on which view to take but are often persuaded by our parental views and those around us within our communities..

 I wonder when are we going to stop looking at other peoples views and step…

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I wonder what is it like Living in The Last Days?

I pray that, anyone who watches this video, well be blessed; so much with God’s Holy Spirit that they can discern the difference from right and from wrong.  That they well know rather it be true or be false its something to consider that could be, no one really knows the right time of the end of times.  These are just close signs and similarities.  We need to be prepared, and seek forgiveness either way whatever it will be.  Also its a good idea to repent, if its possible find people in your past, and seek forgiveness from them, so your past can be cleared, (note, not everyone does this, but its best to seek forgiveness while you are alive, before its too late, and you can’t anymore,) or you can pray to God, repenting, repent, repent, repent everyday as much as possible.  I pray you find it in your hearts, to see the truth and the light, read your Bible’s for the correct truth, some videos are all man made, and I have just used these for examples. The signs are being shown to us, the floods, the earthquakes, and the fires in Ca., the flooding in Tx, the Tornadoes in Ok. and the rioting in Baltimore, and now in Phoenix.   Look around us, so many things is coming to pass that the scriptures has told us would happen. No man really knows the exact time or day,

The Book of Revelations and the Seven Seals

Personal Desires, are They Real?

rainbows part 3

I hope this positive thinking, well eventually help someone else out, as it has helped me out.  We need to learn to be positive, in everything we do.  We can openly create our own existence, and many of us don’t even realize, they are creating it, as their life unfolds before their own eyes.  Our thoughts, plays a major part of this, and the Universe, picks up on all of our thoughts, way before things start to happen, kinda like ‘de va joo.’  Its kinda like, I have been here before, How did I know this was going to happen, before it even happens?  Have you ever done this before in your life?  I have many times, Its like being in a room, and I know I have never seen that room before, yet, it felt like you have…For me, it tells me I am in the right place, and at the right time, and space and reality of my own time.  The Universe, sends out all these electrical vibes, and we feed them, with our own thoughts, and many times, we don’t even realize it.  It just happens, and for many of us, we don’t know how it happens it just does.  IF we are full of Negative thoughts, then yes those Negative things will continue to happen to you.  But if you remain Positive, in everything, then good and Positive things will keep happening to you, its a fact.  Rather we like it or not, its a fact.  You can feed into your own environment, long before things happens, and if you concentrate long enough on the good things, then the good things, will come back to you.  Like a magnet a vibrational alignment, this is how you create your own space, and time of events in your life.  You need to establish, a relationship, with your own source energy, that is coming from your mind.  There is no other way to explain it.  Many times we think of things we don’t like, or we don’t want, and guess what it happens, like it or not it happens.  IF we accept all good things, and all desired things.  Such as the best home, the best job, that money can pay, and prepare ourselves for it.  And just know its there for you, then accept it.  We need to always remember, our own thoughts, and which direction they are going, before they are thought, good or bad thoughts, be careful how you think, because the Universe will always see these thoughts in their Vibrational Existence.  We need to remember, there is a Vibrational Match for us.  Whatever we are vibrating, the good vibrating will bounce right back.  This is what rich people, already know, and what the Boss and Head Management people, already realize in your jobs, and those who seems to get everything, they want, and they always have the best homes, cars, and best spouses, the best friends.  They seem to always be better than  you are.  Why because that is what you are focusing on, and it may not be what you are wanting, but you are focusing on those things so much, that it brings them about, in your own- existence.  I wished someone would of told me about this when I was growing up, I would of done everything so different.  This is one of the best answers to receiving what you personally desire,  you must focus on good things in your life, and being around good people, family, friends, coe workers every where you go.  Have a great Positive outlook in life, kinda like Revealing the Biggest Brightest Rainbow in front of you, and in everything you do, that you can ever imagine; just practice this, and see how well things begins to change in your life.  I am hoping for great feed back, for great results.

(all rights reserved, to the author @mammadebbs)

(the photograph on top, is mine my sister shared from her camera)

You are You’re Own Reality

The Source is within you,

It tells you what you are wanting.

Anything, can happen, at any given time,

And some people, don’t realize,

That this given source, you can’t feel it, smell it, or even see it, but its there.

Source knows everywhere you have been, and everything you have become.

Believe it or not;

You are your own creator.

And you are your own perspective, and your own reality, no one else, can create your reality for you; its all up to you, and yours alone.  How we think, we become and how we portray ourselves to others, is our way, of what we become.  Like it or not our reality does exist, and it does become, how we make it. note, ( not everyone is thinking the same way at any give time, and some may never realize it, but there is a Condition, we are not born in this Condition, we create our own Condition.  I believe that we choose who we become, before coming into our existence.  You maybe thinking something different.)  That’s what makes us all different, and unique.  If you don’t like your life, then change it, learn to Love-Unconditionally, everything happens for a reason, we don’t always know these reasons, but it helps us become where we are today.  My life isn’t no bed of roses, God only knows, I have had alot of trials and temptations, in my time growing up.  I had to learn to become a forgiving person, no matter what happened in my past.  Others, in your life, can crate their own reality as well, and this adds to yours, and can depend on how your outcome becomes.  Haven’t you heard, what you think, then so you shall become?  I have heard this alot growing up, and just now beginning to understand this theory.  Follow your dreams they say, well if you can’t see it, then how can you follow it?  I have been following the book, called the ‘Secrete’ written by Rhonda Brynes, I find it amazing, that its just now being accepted by its audience, and by the public.  Its about, how the Law of Attraction, can happen, and how it works, I just wished I knew about it when I was a teenager.  I would of lived my life different, and not felt sorry for myself, that’s for sure, my loving parents, well they raised way too many children, to be concentrating on just one.  If we all know what the “Secrete” is trying to teach us, then what a better World, we would live in.

So, after reading, and having a brief understanding;

What they saw in you, you saw something different.

The Life they have lived, and then you life you have lived, is two different types of lifestyle, but you can change yours, and not theirs.

Because, you are your own perspective, and your own reality

So you need to be different, than you have lived in your past, especially if you don’t like the way you lived it.

There is a condition, in your reality.

Change your condition, and look at your condition.

And most of all, ‘Love Unconditionally.’

(all rights reserved to the author; @mammadebbs)

Why IS all this Odd Weather Happening?

I have been listening to the recent Weather report, its now Summer of 2015.  In Texas, they have tornado, flooding, and in Oklahoma, they have major thunder storms, and flooding, and more Tornadoes.  In Missouri there is also, 4 more Tornadoes, then they have floods in Lee Summit, Mo. (KMBC.com)  In Kansas City Mo. more flooding going on, this is where some of my family lives, and its only about 3 1/2 hours away from us.  This was happening this last weekend, many people was left with out power.  Who can help us, from all of these natural disasters, how do we prepare for flooding, tornadoes,  is the basement safe enough, or storm shelters.  I think not, if it floods, they say go to high places, but if its a tornado they say go to the south west side of your basement, and cover you head with blankets.  Its sounding a bit confusing don’t it?  In Florida, there were hurricanes.  It almost sound like the end of the World, or is it making our mark in the US history?  This really makes us think, lives can be changed dramatically just because of the weather.  California is in a major d rout, one of my best friends living there she said, the rationing water is really bad.  They have to make special slow flushing toilets, just to help over excessive water usage, they get fined if they over water their yards and landscapes.  Not to mention, wild fires happens and these destroy, very expensive homes.  Not to mention, lots of trees, and natural forest.  Is this all happening from a natural weather pattern, or is it controlled weather pattern?  This makes a person really think, where does a person go for safety.  How much food and bottled waters do they save to be prepared?  And, how many lives is lost, and injuries happen, does the Government really care about us, or just about our money, when it comes to taxes, or paying for all of these damages?  Think about it.

(all rights reserved to @mammadebbs)

Would Life be Easier Going Cashless, or more complicated?

I have been reading several articles about the ‘Cashless Society,’ this has really gotten me a bit worried, and confused if Congress does pass this law.  Which would technically mean doing away with the almighty Dollar, but; what would the outcome be, if this did really take place?  Apparently, from reading this article, ‘Sweden goes cashless, Pros and Cons.’  Written by; Jacey Fortin.  She explains, how the smart phone, would be using ‘Google apps.  And some people already use ‘Mobile Banking.’ smart phone free images part 1( http://www.ibtimes.com/sweden-going-cashless-pros-cons-paper-money-214321)  Take a few moments, to look up this website and read it.  Of what could be, and what could happen if we go with this new trend, of the Cashless society.  I also read, that was a statement, how the American currency, like the pennies, nickles and dimes, is worthless.  They say, because it cost so much money to make them.  The paper bill, is the same way.  But no matter the value at least it works. I am not for this idea of going cashless, or against it either.  At times, I think its got a point, we wouldn’t be loosing our coins or our bills, or people out to steal our wallets or purses, just to see how much money we have in them.  They couldn’t use our cards without our passwords, or secrete pin numbers.  What is your thoughts and ideas, on a Cashless Society?


cash free images part 2 (Source, free images google.com)

The one main thing is that; Not to worry for the Worlds’ crisis, but only to worry about what’s happening in your own World, and for yourself.  So you can stay focused, on your on financial means, and bills, and prosper.  Keep reminding yourself, that things is improving all the time, and getting better.  The more you can think this way, and being positive about it, the better things will become.  Its not magic, its your own desires, your own hopes, and dreams.  Its not your neighbor, and not your best friend, its not your family, or your spouse, its all about you.  How you focus on being positive, and work towards your own, dreams and wishes.  But, you have to apply yourself, in a very positive manner.  If everyone, can remain positive, just think what this World, would be like?  It would be alot less, worries, and health issues would also improve just by remaining positive.