Would Life be Easier Going Cashless, or more complicated?

I have been reading several articles about the ‘Cashless Society,’ this has really gotten me a bit worried, and confused if Congress does pass this law.  Which would technically mean doing away with the almighty Dollar, but; what would the outcome be, if this did really take place?  Apparently, from reading this article, ‘Sweden goes cashless, Pros and Cons.’  Written by; Jacey Fortin.  She explains, how the smart phone, would be using ‘Google apps.  And some people already use ‘Mobile Banking.’ smart phone free images part 1( http://www.ibtimes.com/sweden-going-cashless-pros-cons-paper-money-214321)  Take a few moments, to look up this website and read it.  Of what could be, and what could happen if we go with this new trend, of the Cashless society.  I also read, that was a statement, how the American currency, like the pennies, nickles and dimes, is worthless.  They say, because it cost so much money to make them.  The paper bill, is the same way.  But no matter the value at least it works. I am not for this idea of going cashless, or against it either.  At times, I think its got a point, we wouldn’t be loosing our coins or our bills, or people out to steal our wallets or purses, just to see how much money we have in them.  They couldn’t use our cards without our passwords, or secrete pin numbers.  What is your thoughts and ideas, on a Cashless Society?


cash free images part 2 (Source, free images google.com)

The one main thing is that; Not to worry for the Worlds’ crisis, but only to worry about what’s happening in your own World, and for yourself.  So you can stay focused, on your on financial means, and bills, and prosper.  Keep reminding yourself, that things is improving all the time, and getting better.  The more you can think this way, and being positive about it, the better things will become.  Its not magic, its your own desires, your own hopes, and dreams.  Its not your neighbor, and not your best friend, its not your family, or your spouse, its all about you.  How you focus on being positive, and work towards your own, dreams and wishes.  But, you have to apply yourself, in a very positive manner.  If everyone, can remain positive, just think what this World, would be like?  It would be alot less, worries, and health issues would also improve just by remaining positive.

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