Why IS all this Odd Weather Happening?

I have been listening to the recent Weather report, its now Summer of 2015.  In Texas, they have tornado, flooding, and in Oklahoma, they have major thunder storms, and flooding, and more Tornadoes.  In Missouri there is also, 4 more Tornadoes, then they have floods in Lee Summit, Mo. (KMBC.com)  In Kansas City Mo. more flooding going on, this is where some of my family lives, and its only about 3 1/2 hours away from us.  This was happening this last weekend, many people was left with out power.  Who can help us, from all of these natural disasters, how do we prepare for flooding, tornadoes,  is the basement safe enough, or storm shelters.  I think not, if it floods, they say go to high places, but if its a tornado they say go to the south west side of your basement, and cover you head with blankets.  Its sounding a bit confusing don’t it?  In Florida, there were hurricanes.  It almost sound like the end of the World, or is it making our mark in the US history?  This really makes us think, lives can be changed dramatically just because of the weather.  California is in a major d rout, one of my best friends living there she said, the rationing water is really bad.  They have to make special slow flushing toilets, just to help over excessive water usage, they get fined if they over water their yards and landscapes.  Not to mention, wild fires happens and these destroy, very expensive homes.  Not to mention, lots of trees, and natural forest.  Is this all happening from a natural weather pattern, or is it controlled weather pattern?  This makes a person really think, where does a person go for safety.  How much food and bottled waters do they save to be prepared?  And, how many lives is lost, and injuries happen, does the Government really care about us, or just about our money, when it comes to taxes, or paying for all of these damages?  Think about it.

(all rights reserved to @mammadebbs)

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