You are You’re Own Reality

The Source is within you,

It tells you what you are wanting.

Anything, can happen, at any given time,

And some people, don’t realize,

That this given source, you can’t feel it, smell it, or even see it, but its there.

Source knows everywhere you have been, and everything you have become.

Believe it or not;

You are your own creator.

And you are your own perspective, and your own reality, no one else, can create your reality for you; its all up to you, and yours alone.  How we think, we become and how we portray ourselves to others, is our way, of what we become.  Like it or not our reality does exist, and it does become, how we make it. note, ( not everyone is thinking the same way at any give time, and some may never realize it, but there is a Condition, we are not born in this Condition, we create our own Condition.  I believe that we choose who we become, before coming into our existence.  You maybe thinking something different.)  That’s what makes us all different, and unique.  If you don’t like your life, then change it, learn to Love-Unconditionally, everything happens for a reason, we don’t always know these reasons, but it helps us become where we are today.  My life isn’t no bed of roses, God only knows, I have had alot of trials and temptations, in my time growing up.  I had to learn to become a forgiving person, no matter what happened in my past.  Others, in your life, can crate their own reality as well, and this adds to yours, and can depend on how your outcome becomes.  Haven’t you heard, what you think, then so you shall become?  I have heard this alot growing up, and just now beginning to understand this theory.  Follow your dreams they say, well if you can’t see it, then how can you follow it?  I have been following the book, called the ‘Secrete’ written by Rhonda Brynes, I find it amazing, that its just now being accepted by its audience, and by the public.  Its about, how the Law of Attraction, can happen, and how it works, I just wished I knew about it when I was a teenager.  I would of lived my life different, and not felt sorry for myself, that’s for sure, my loving parents, well they raised way too many children, to be concentrating on just one.  If we all know what the “Secrete” is trying to teach us, then what a better World, we would live in.

So, after reading, and having a brief understanding;

What they saw in you, you saw something different.

The Life they have lived, and then you life you have lived, is two different types of lifestyle, but you can change yours, and not theirs.

Because, you are your own perspective, and your own reality

So you need to be different, than you have lived in your past, especially if you don’t like the way you lived it.

There is a condition, in your reality.

Change your condition, and look at your condition.

And most of all, ‘Love Unconditionally.’

(all rights reserved to the author; @mammadebbs)

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