Personal Desires, are They Real?

rainbows part 3

I hope this positive thinking, well eventually help someone else out, as it has helped me out.  We need to learn to be positive, in everything we do.  We can openly create our own existence, and many of us don’t even realize, they are creating it, as their life unfolds before their own eyes.  Our thoughts, plays a major part of this, and the Universe, picks up on all of our thoughts, way before things start to happen, kinda like ‘de va joo.’  Its kinda like, I have been here before, How did I know this was going to happen, before it even happens?  Have you ever done this before in your life?  I have many times, Its like being in a room, and I know I have never seen that room before, yet, it felt like you have…For me, it tells me I am in the right place, and at the right time, and space and reality of my own time.  The Universe, sends out all these electrical vibes, and we feed them, with our own thoughts, and many times, we don’t even realize it.  It just happens, and for many of us, we don’t know how it happens it just does.  IF we are full of Negative thoughts, then yes those Negative things will continue to happen to you.  But if you remain Positive, in everything, then good and Positive things will keep happening to you, its a fact.  Rather we like it or not, its a fact.  You can feed into your own environment, long before things happens, and if you concentrate long enough on the good things, then the good things, will come back to you.  Like a magnet a vibrational alignment, this is how you create your own space, and time of events in your life.  You need to establish, a relationship, with your own source energy, that is coming from your mind.  There is no other way to explain it.  Many times we think of things we don’t like, or we don’t want, and guess what it happens, like it or not it happens.  IF we accept all good things, and all desired things.  Such as the best home, the best job, that money can pay, and prepare ourselves for it.  And just know its there for you, then accept it.  We need to always remember, our own thoughts, and which direction they are going, before they are thought, good or bad thoughts, be careful how you think, because the Universe will always see these thoughts in their Vibrational Existence.  We need to remember, there is a Vibrational Match for us.  Whatever we are vibrating, the good vibrating will bounce right back.  This is what rich people, already know, and what the Boss and Head Management people, already realize in your jobs, and those who seems to get everything, they want, and they always have the best homes, cars, and best spouses, the best friends.  They seem to always be better than  you are.  Why because that is what you are focusing on, and it may not be what you are wanting, but you are focusing on those things so much, that it brings them about, in your own- existence.  I wished someone would of told me about this when I was growing up, I would of done everything so different.  This is one of the best answers to receiving what you personally desire,  you must focus on good things in your life, and being around good people, family, friends, coe workers every where you go.  Have a great Positive outlook in life, kinda like Revealing the Biggest Brightest Rainbow in front of you, and in everything you do, that you can ever imagine; just practice this, and see how well things begins to change in your life.  I am hoping for great feed back, for great results.

(all rights reserved, to the author @mammadebbs)

(the photograph on top, is mine my sister shared from her camera)

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