I wonder what is it like Living in The Last Days?

I pray that, anyone who watches this video, well be blessed; so much with God’s Holy Spirit that they can discern the difference from right and from wrong.  That they well know rather it be true or be false its something to consider that could be, no one really knows the right time of the end of times.  These are just close signs and similarities.  We need to be prepared, and seek forgiveness either way whatever it will be.  Also its a good idea to repent, if its possible find people in your past, and seek forgiveness from them, so your past can be cleared, (note, not everyone does this, but its best to seek forgiveness while you are alive, before its too late, and you can’t anymore,) or you can pray to God, repenting, repent, repent, repent everyday as much as possible.  I pray you find it in your hearts, to see the truth and the light, read your Bible’s for the correct truth, some videos are all man made, and I have just used these for examples. The signs are being shown to us, the floods, the earthquakes, and the fires in Ca., the flooding in Tx, the Tornadoes in Ok. and the rioting in Baltimore, and now in Phoenix.   Look around us, so many things is coming to pass that the scriptures has told us would happen. No man really knows the exact time or day,

The Book of Revelations and the Seven Seals

8 thoughts on “I wonder what is it like Living in The Last Days?

  1. OMG Deb, this is so false and the teachers of this are only there to scare you into belonging to their organization. Look at the verse Ecclesiastes 1:9 and it will tell you tht everything has happened before and it will happen again…oveer and over and over again.

  2. The Signs are all around us, if we just care to open our eyes.. but for many they can not see the wood for the Trees.. Thank you for sharing..
    Watch out for some LARGE Earth rumbles… Our Earth is in the final labour stages.. x
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thanks so much for answering so quickly; yes I have always been intrigued with the Book of Revelations, and I agree that opening our eyes, and looking around us, spiritually will give us more insight. Blessings to you too; Deb

    2. Yea; I completely agree, about the Earth Rumble, I am noticing sings in my yard and garden, even after rains, my grounds, is looking really dry and cracked at times, but; I also pay attention, to the birds, and animals like my bunny’s and squirrels, is a good sign too. I really enjoy your blog post, and Still reading different areas of it. Love and Hugs; Deb

      1. Many thanks again Deb.. Yes the animals are good at showing us Signs.. I also see from the laden trees with blossoms this year.. I feel we are in for a harsher winter.. I sometimes ‘Feel’ too much.. I am very uneasy right now about the ‘Shift’ in Mother Earths Crust.. And feel a big One will hit again.. I have had Japan and parts of the USA in my head for weeks in regards to a large quake.. and read only today Japan had felt another one which was a deep one so no Tsunami of 7-8.. but feel we shall here more as we have an abundance of New volcanic activity which is not being main-stream reported.
        But it is no good me or you worrying.. for its all part of the evolution of Planet Earth and Mankind.. x Sue

  3. Sue, I have had many different dreams of the end of times; I don’t know when things will take place, at first I thought it was just me but I was learning more when watching things on the news, about riots, and of people starving , and of weather making strange changes, so quickly its happening before our own eyes, people are being fooled, because, they call it Global warning, but I personally feel its God’s warning us. Like Earth quacks in Tx, that’s most unusual there, whats causing them there now I don’t know? when before in Tx, they never had quacks, and now more than 13 Tornadoes, with about 11 dead, and many missing people. Look at Nepal, and its Earth quake, Yes, Mother Earth is waking up, she is having pains of some kind of Labor, I really believe this as well. Also, watch the paper if the animals like cats and dogs come up missing in your home area is another sign. I love planting flowers, and just set out 5 Lilac new bushes on Mother’s day recently. There is a different feeling in the ground, maybe its me. But it really makes me wonder. Blessings, Deb.

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