Mind, Over-Matter


Yes it is possible, to put yourself into a trance.  Some people don’t even realize they do this, but when you catch yourself day dreaming.  You are actually focused on something else, other than where you actually are.  Sometimes I find it very relaxing, it can start by, going down into your Alpha state, a place where you have your Sub-conscientious mind exist.  How I usually do this method, I take several slow deep breaths, then I sit or lay down as comfortable, as I can get.  I count backwards, and I imagine I am climbing down steps, from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Then if it don’t relax you the first time, keep practicing these steps, by taking a deep breath more than once, and count again in the say method you did the first time.  Sooner or later, you’ll be in a deep trance.  This is one of the simple steps I found to be helpful.  Sometimes, you can find answers, to some things that is bothering you, You need to focus on one question at a time, so you’ll know its the right answer you’ll be getting.

The Gift of Now

Enjoyable thoughts and words put into rhyme, a must to read; thanks;)

Source of Inspiration

song bird3

Who can say
what tomorrow will bring
no seer can truly know
a million tomorrows
float in forever horizons
pick one and ten more appear.

Who can erase
what happened yesterday
can the moon
reverse its path?

The world exists
only in this moment
captured in the now
yet how seldom
do we fix our minds here
choosing instead to wallow
in our fears of tomorrow
regrets of yesterday
unaware of the precious
gift of now.

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Love, Hope, and Charity

Love, Hope and Charity;

family friends love part 1   The Greatest word of these, is Charity.  ‘That God so Loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, Jesus.’  Love does not Envy; Charity can mean long suffering, but Love is not Jealousy.  It doesn’t speak Evil, towards others.  (pastor, Darrell Sams)

A Godly Love; Love is Essential, Thy shalt love thy Neighbor, as thyself.  Thy shalt Love thy God, more than thy self.  And if possible try to have , A God Like Love;)  Love has no room for hate or envy, or Jealousy, Love is Essential for me and for you to redeem.  So be it, having all 3 ‘Love, Hope and Charity,’ by expressing these traits, there will be hope.   The new message, I have for you today is, learn to love and become a forgiving soul, time is short, no man knows when its his time, to go to our maker.  And, have a Godly like Love within.

family and friends love part 2

family and friends part 3

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‘Love and Friendship’

Your the one I most admire, with great intentions, and loving desires.  Passions and trust and knowing that you care, brings a lifetime of happiness for us to share.

Being so gentle, loving and kind, brings comfort and faith, brings a Joy that shines.  Tears and laughter are feelings that’s rare, but a True Heart shall never despair.

Love is unique in its very own way, Taking risk and challenges by your own way.  But when a Heart is made of Gold,  there isn’t to much to share.  Like joy, Laughter and friends that comes in your door.

So I give you my Heart of a token of my Love, from one friend to another, and from all the Heavens above.  (author is; Carolyn Davis)


Karma, What is it, what does Karma do for people?  Karma repeats its self, over and over again, rather its good or bad.  Ok, I need to keep reminding myself, to be forgiving, I am not pointing this out to anyone out there.  But Karma, has a big part of our reality we live in now.    If we don’t understand Karma, we need to do good to others, so goodness, well come back to us.  If you hold grudges, you need to learn to let them go.  Because we can’t take them on with us, its impossible.  If we want to move forward, to the New Earth.  We must let them go.  If there is anyone in your past, you hold a big fat grudge against,  its only hurting you.  You are not hurting them.  They win, everything you hold a grudge.  We can ‘Release them, and say in your mind, I release you, and mention their names.’  You will feel much better.  Karma always gets its way, and it will come back to haunt you in the end, if we can’t let it go.  There can be no Negative Energy in this New Earth, that will be approaching us.  No one really knows the time and place when it takes place.  But if we can learn to be positive, we will feel 100 percent better, and so will others around us, be forgiving, seek forgiveness as much as possible.

Fear; Has alot to do, with it too, we need to be positive, and not be afraid, of these new changes.  We need to know we’ll be ok and we’ll move on.  No matter what happens around us, we can be prepared by releasing our own negative energy, our own grudges must be let go, so our Souls can be prepared to move forward with this New Earth.  I am reminding myself this as well, and hoping it helps someone else.  Blessed be, Love and Peace; sent your way; Mammadebbs

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Life is is More Precious than You Know; a poem

hope message

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Life, is a sum of experiences that we go through that we experience going through life.  Day by day, as we have triumphs and struggles, going through it all,  finding our worlds creatures both tall, and small.  And as human beings, we encounter, both old and new, that depends how we react to one and all.  Yet, all decisions are made, makes all the differences at the crossroads in the end.

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Food for Thought; Parallel Dimension

Sunrise in Iowa
Sunrise in Iowa

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Just imagine your life is like a movie; and you can live in a Parallel Dimension world, type a part of you here, and another part somewhere else, in another realm of a world.  In other words, there is 2 of you or 3 of you living somewhere else.   Can this really happen? Your DNA, can be manipulated in more lives than one.  This may seem a bit off the wall for you; but, its kinda like Star Trek, we have a ‘Holla- Deck’ and we go back and forth to get glimpse of these other lives, or other sources of Energy.  I have been listening to, Dolores Cannon, and her teachings on this subject matter.  I am still not sure if its true, to have more than one of us, living at the same time.  IN a  ‘Parallel Dimension’ World.  We are creators, we can use our source of energy, to help us; develop these other sources.  But we have our own Souls, these others is like Sources of Energy.  (www.dolorescannon.com)  What would your Parallel World be like?  Who would you be, a man or a woman?  Where would you live, just some thoughts to ponder upon?  This could become a new book idea, who knows.  Just throwing it out there, to see what people think?  Imagine it like a movie, that you can move in and out of your scene, and create a new scene.

Events in Our Lives;

Delores also teaches, we place events, in our lives, some are good events, and some are bad events.  We must learn from these events, to be able to move, on.  We wonder why we must go through certain situations, in our lives; I looked up my maiden name.  To see if I have another life out there, and what was it, and where was I?  I focus more on this life, and my source of Energy is here.  We channel on what we know now.  But, we have strong energy, and our Minds can create wondrous things, and events.  We need to learn how to control them, and make good out of them, to help our family friends, and others who comes in our lives.  Don’t you see yourself, like some where else, or think you should of done something like go to College, further your education, and you didn’t?  Or wonder why things turned out the way they did?  This is starting a brand new research project for me.  And it gives us new thoughts to ponder on.  Is Parallel Dimension, even possible?  I am still not sure of this myself.

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Loving Unconditionally is a Key to Happiness

gods-love is within

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What does it mean to be loving unconditionally?

I have found a few scriptures to quote, and help explain this.  Part of our lives, we must be positive at all times, and always try our best to love, each other no matter what the condition becomes.  I have been searching for this kind of love; we can learn from these conditions.  To love unconditionally its a high calling.  Its one of life’s purpose. Be good to those who hurt you, and persecute you.  Pray for your enemies, for yours will be the Kingdom of God.  My dad has said, this alot to me as a child, and just now, as an adult I am beginning to understand why.  We must live this kind of life, to help others, see and learn from our examples.  Its not easy life to follow, but the rewards, will be great.  First scripture I want to share here is this.  I am using them as examples.

“2 Corinthians 234-7;  Love is patient and kind, love does not envy, or boast, it is not arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its way, it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong doings, but it does rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, and love believes in all things, and it endures all things, even unto the end.  (We must learn to remember, to be loving, to ourselves, and to others.)

2 John 4:28;  There is no fear in love, but perfect love can help casts out fear.  For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears, has not been perfected in Love:

2 John 3:20;  For how ever our hearts condemns us, God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

John 15:26;  Greater is love, that has no fear, and that lays down his life for his friend.

Luke, 6:27;  But I say unto you, Love your enemies, and do got to them who hate you, and persecute you.

These words, is not an easy tasks I have not even accomplished all of them, and sometimes it takes a life to to achieve ‘Love Unconditionally.’  We are all caught up, in our daily lives so much, our favorite tv shows, our computer games, books, and our jobs, we can’t help it, its just what we are used to doing, but we forget to help our family and friends, and neighbors.  Life is too short.  At the blink of an Eye, we will see its our turn to meat our maker like it or not we all have a maker.  I am not saying you have to attend church to do so, but church helps teach us.  Its our individual choices to make.  One thing I do know, Loving Unconditionally, is one of the keys to happiness, both here on this Earth, and in the After Life.  Hope this helps, just things I have been researching lately for myself, and to try and help others.  I hope and pray that your eyes and hears are open, to see this message of Love, I am trying to share with everyone.

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