Strut your stuff

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Quilt of Missing Memories

Performing that peacock strut proudly, one rolling stone still gathers no moss.

Though Mick Jagger did pick up many new fans this week when he rolled through Minnesota.

No wonder so many want to ‘move like Jagger’.

Mick’s turning 72 next month, but nobody here’s calling this bird old.

Mr. Jumping Jack Flash kept leaping like a lizard on stage for the 50,000 folks before him Wednesday night.

Now I wasn’t much of a Mick fan as a kid, but my admiration has been growing every year.

When he was last in Minnesota 10 years ago, my late husband mentioned “well that’s the last time we’ll see him” due to Mick’s senior status.

Obviously he was wrong.

I’ve been thinking this week that Mick has really nailed down the art of aging.

So what exactly are the lessons this rock star legend has learned?

I’ve taken my own leap for…

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