Oh Why, (poem)

I was just inspired to write a few words; that may not be so uplifting, but they are true words to a point; take it for what it is;  (a poem, written a few seconds ago, as I  read other poems, helps me become inspired enough, to write my own poem, enjoy.)

Oh Why?

Who and why,  what does it mean, and why do we do what we do? Oh why are we here when we don’t want to be here? Oh why, are we with someone who we don’t want to be with, and we don’t do anything about it? Yet, oh why? are we at the job, that seems to go no where, and it seems to never end on some days.

Oh why?  Do we say the things we say, and do the things, we do?  And with no regrets about these words we say later, a day or two, or several days, later we’ll remember what was said or done, and maybe regret them or maybe not.  Especially if it hurts someone, and you can’t take it back, but only say, I am sorry, but whoever listens to that?  Then I say, Oh Why?

(all rights, reserved to the author @mammadebbs, without permission)

2 thoughts on “Oh Why, (poem)

  1. Hey Rob;) thanks, yea life is a long ride for all of us, sometimes, our choices can make all the differences in the world, it can help us along or not. I appreciate your input, have a great day;) my friend, and be blessed;)

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