The Meaning behind America Flag on Flag Day

I pray for many blessings to be poured, over everyone, who enters into my blog; and hope they enjoy everything that they read here;) I was inspired once again; to write about the American Flag,   How important the Flag is to our country, that represents freedom, and all the honored Veterans, who have fought for our rights, and freedom.  We need to honor them, today is Flag day, ever since 1916, ever since President Woodrow Wilson set June 14 before Congress into motion, and was passed by Congress, but it is not an official federal holiday.  Just a recognized day for everyone to remember.

pledge_small part 2

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-Today honors, the American Flag and all its traditions, Historically, the story that Betsy Ross, who created the first flag, has been passed down through many generations.  However, did you know, that some people, believe that The United State Congressman named, Francis Hopkinson, created the first flag.  Betsy Ross, is the leading woman who created the very first design, as shown in this photo, below.  And I have a link to share of her home page, that tells more about how she did it.””

betsy ross and the beginning of the american flag

(photo is reserved rights to


( photo is reserved rights to

-The design of the American Flag was not made official until 1912.  At that time, a governmental order adopted the current design.

-The nickname for the American Flag is also the “Stars and Stripes.”  And, then the “Pledge of Allegiance,” was soon created, and everyone used to say this everyone, morning in the beginning of school.  But, now days, they don’t, only before most ball games, and sports to help honor what freedom stands for our Nation.

May I quote;

I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic to which it stands, one Nation under God, invinsible, with liberty and justice for all.

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