Possible, Changes, in Sept. 2015 A comet Really?

rainbows part 3

( photo credited to @google.com)

We must be prepared, what could happen, the Comets, is predicted to land in the Atlantic Ocean.  Causing, all kinds of weather hazards.  Some say its the beginning of Tribulation.  The Christians, believe in Jesus Christ second coming, he will rise again.  But this old ‘Mother-Earth’, is going through major changes. I pray, for all who enter in, this blog and News Feed, from a link.  Well read with their Eyes, and Ears opened, looking for the wisdom, that is written, and the words this lady reporter has to share.  She is in the second video on this link.  I am sharing here, if you are interested to listen further, there is a sound she has on there what a Comet could sound like.  This was almost shrilling, to my ears, and almost brought tears to my eyes.  This is by far, worst than we have ever experienced before.  The damages , and the lives that was be lost.  Pray for their souls.  For our soul lives on, somewhere.  That is our choices we must make on our own.  Copy and paste this link in your address bar, and it will show you many videos.  I found the second one more scary than any of them.  Because could it be real? Time will only tell.  I would like for things to stay normal as they are now, but because of the greed of man, and our governments full of corruption.  Our government is having a budget crisis, and who’s going to be president after Obama, or is there time for another president?  Think about it, there is alot to consider here, for one our faith, and our souls.  This link is called, ‘Before its in the news.’  Let me know what you think?  I am personally very concerned, it could really happen, why then don’t the government do anything about it?


You have to take 10 mins. and watch this video;


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