Food for Thought; Parallel Dimension

Sunrise in Iowa
Sunrise in Iowa

(credited to the author, @mammadebs)

Just imagine your life is like a movie; and you can live in a Parallel Dimension world, type a part of you here, and another part somewhere else, in another realm of a world.  In other words, there is 2 of you or 3 of you living somewhere else.   Can this really happen? Your DNA, can be manipulated in more lives than one.  This may seem a bit off the wall for you; but, its kinda like Star Trek, we have a ‘Holla- Deck’ and we go back and forth to get glimpse of these other lives, or other sources of Energy.  I have been listening to, Dolores Cannon, and her teachings on this subject matter.  I am still not sure if its true, to have more than one of us, living at the same time.  IN a  ‘Parallel Dimension’ World.  We are creators, we can use our source of energy, to help us; develop these other sources.  But we have our own Souls, these others is like Sources of Energy.  (  What would your Parallel World be like?  Who would you be, a man or a woman?  Where would you live, just some thoughts to ponder upon?  This could become a new book idea, who knows.  Just throwing it out there, to see what people think?  Imagine it like a movie, that you can move in and out of your scene, and create a new scene.

Events in Our Lives;

Delores also teaches, we place events, in our lives, some are good events, and some are bad events.  We must learn from these events, to be able to move, on.  We wonder why we must go through certain situations, in our lives; I looked up my maiden name.  To see if I have another life out there, and what was it, and where was I?  I focus more on this life, and my source of Energy is here.  We channel on what we know now.  But, we have strong energy, and our Minds can create wondrous things, and events.  We need to learn how to control them, and make good out of them, to help our family friends, and others who comes in our lives.  Don’t you see yourself, like some where else, or think you should of done something like go to College, further your education, and you didn’t?  Or wonder why things turned out the way they did?  This is starting a brand new research project for me.  And it gives us new thoughts to ponder on.  Is Parallel Dimension, even possible?  I am still not sure of this myself.

(all rights reserved to the author @mammadebbs)

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