Love, Hope, and Charity

Love, Hope and Charity;

family friends love part 1   The Greatest word of these, is Charity.  ‘That God so Loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, Jesus.’  Love does not Envy; Charity can mean long suffering, but Love is not Jealousy.  It doesn’t speak Evil, towards others.  (pastor, Darrell Sams)

A Godly Love; Love is Essential, Thy shalt love thy Neighbor, as thyself.  Thy shalt Love thy God, more than thy self.  And if possible try to have , A God Like Love;)  Love has no room for hate or envy, or Jealousy, Love is Essential for me and for you to redeem.  So be it, having all 3 ‘Love, Hope and Charity,’ by expressing these traits, there will be hope.   The new message, I have for you today is, learn to love and become a forgiving soul, time is short, no man knows when its his time, to go to our maker.  And, have a Godly like Love within.

family and friends love part 2

family and friends part 3

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(all rights, reserved to the author, mammadebbs)

‘Love and Friendship’

Your the one I most admire, with great intentions, and loving desires.  Passions and trust and knowing that you care, brings a lifetime of happiness for us to share.

Being so gentle, loving and kind, brings comfort and faith, brings a Joy that shines.  Tears and laughter are feelings that’s rare, but a True Heart shall never despair.

Love is unique in its very own way, Taking risk and challenges by your own way.  But when a Heart is made of Gold,  there isn’t to much to share.  Like joy, Laughter and friends that comes in your door.

So I give you my Heart of a token of my Love, from one friend to another, and from all the Heavens above.  (author is; Carolyn Davis)

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