Love and Hate Challenge


Two words at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they can make for some spirited comparisons.  Karuna has nominated to participate in the Love/Hate challenge.  Here are the rules:

  •   List 10 things that you love.
  •   List 10 things tat you hate.
  •   Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge

Allow me to do the hate part first.  Why?  Because I’m back at work after a week of vacation and….

10 List of things, I hate happening; are;

1. My alarm clock, it always goes off way too soon, as it takes me along time to relax sometimes, so it feels like my sleep isn’t enough.

2. The annoying trains going by, blowing those extremely loud horns, even during the night or day; which ever a person sleeps.

3. Those annoying school buses, that seems to be 50 or more, all going down my street, that takes me up to 15 mins. just waiting for my turn to leave my own driveway. Go Figure; yes I did ask them to change their routs, but they never did.  My neighbors complain about them too.  And the buses don’t slow down…Monday through Friday, morning and afternoon.

4.  And the teens football games, going on across the street, I even hear the scores inside my living room, with the doors shut.

5. Someone, always asking for money, and can never pay me back with the same respect.  (I don’t mind helping out, but surely a phone call or something is nice, not just ignore me, because the owe me money.)

6. Hmmm, someone calling off work, at the last minute, He says; oh I’m sick, can you come in, like really; if he was sick all day, he should of called first thing right?

7. Oh, and when everyone uses the same toilet paper roll, why on God’s green Earth, can’t they put it back on the roll?

8.  Or Better yet, take out the Trash, instead of letting it over flow, we all have to throw something away.

9.  And, they wait till the last min. to take the big trash can to the curve, when they know every night Monday night, its time right, you think?  Here I am running out the door to go to work, and taking the trash out to the curb.

10.  One of my biggest ‘pet peeves,’ is please, line up the washer, and don’t let it set and rock the boat because its overflowing with dirty clothes, and pick up all dirty towels, lol; And, I don’t know how many sponges, I lost because of the dog chewing on it.

Things; I love;

1. I love family gatherings, pot lucks, and reunions, all that good home made cooking.

2. I love the spring time, and flowers looking so pretty.

3. I so enjoy swimming laps, but the public pool, is way too many people, bumping into and who knows, when they take a leak in the water? LOL

4. I love to crochet, I find it relaxing.

5. I like sewing on my quilts, and embroidery patterns, mostly pillow cases.

6. I love home made roast in the oven, with freshly chopped carrots, and onions all over it, and potatoes sliced up on the side.

7. I love the smell of Bacon, frying in the morning, with the toaster going, and coffee pot on.

8. And just a simple book, with relaxing classical music is nice too; by the fireplace, on a cold winter days.

9. I love writing music and playing it, on both guitar and piano, I need a new guitar, lol.

10. I love the sound of thunder storms; and watching the lightening, as long as they aren’t too severe; or life threatening.

My nominees; are sent to these fellow bloggers;))

1. Sue, from the Dreamwalker; blog

2.  Erika Kind

3. The Healthy Haus blog;

4. Ashish kumar

5.  Thefeatherdsleep blog

I wanted to thank, my dear friend; from the ‘V-pub’ for nominating me; for this new challenge, that was fun;) lol

13 thoughts on “Love and Hate Challenge

  1. you are most welcome:)) at first I didn’t know how to make it work; I did figure it out, but; I enjoyed this challenge as I finished it;)) This is my newest thoughts, of my dreams is to write, songs;) I like writing, poems, so we’ll see, maybe its a new challenge, I must work as I feel led to do.

  2. Thank you Deb for the Challenge.. I am always interested in a challenge.. I may tweak this one though when I have more time into a post and link it back here.

    So it may not be passed along in the same way to nominees as I have stopped taking awards etc… But Love this idea of why it is we love and Hate the many things in our lives.. So thank you for the thought on this one.. Is that ok with you?

    Loved reading that you also write music and play..
    Enjoy your Tuesday..

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