I am very impressed with this poem, its a must to read;) written by a fellow blogger:))

Hanukah & the Angel

We call her the Wolf Spider
Patiently waiting, the perfect hider.
Watching us with beady eyes
Tense as we reach toward her hides.

She sits between towel and wall
In the loo just off the hall
Where most folks have to make a call
Watching and waiting ready to fall.

We only want to use the towel
We can see the salivating jowl
We notice in time and shake her away
She’ll live to hunt another day.

What is it about tails that fascinate cats?
Have you ever heard of vegetarian rats?
The two came together in the compost heap
Where it’s nice and warm for a cat to sleep.

Never did find the result of that meet
There was certainly never any meat
To attract a rat or cat for a match
To explain the bite mark and the scratch

Then there was the adolescent adder

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