The Spirit of your Inner Soul, That Knows All


The Spirit with in us; it is your truth, it lives in you from day to day, it leads you on your way, every day.

It Guides me now, Oh Holy Spirit, Guide me now.  Listen to your inner voice, Listen to be creative.  It will never End, if you trust in yourself, and in your deepest inner spirit.  The Inner Spirit, or subconsciousness, is your guidance, of life’s awareness, and of consciousness.  Just feel it with in your own Spirit, and listen to your inner spirit, that comes to you in this special way.  Living creativity, as much as you can, your thoughts, and your ideas, is coming from, your creativity minds.  You inner Spirit, realizes, that you Live in your the Spirit, of your Creators.

Your innocence, is the who that we are within your deeper soul, within you as you are now, be childlike and preserve your precious thoughts keep them safe, and protect them now.  For it is most your inner souls, that  teaches us and that never dies, its like immortality, your body’s may die, but your inner Souls lives on in Eternity somewhere and we need to protect it the best we know how.  Whole heartedly, as it returns-us by putting himself last, and yourself first,  This is the Ego way of looking at it.  So demanding on force and the inner spirit within us, that offers us wisdom’s of inner peace.  Serve the needs of others, and your needs should soon be meant, like in Karma.  So, then shift your attention to others, whoever are less fortunate than we are, and pray for them every day.  Be eternally grateful for everything, that we have, such as the air we breath, the fresh water we drink, and the fresh food we eat, the land of plenty, we live in our, nice homes we have, and jobs we keep.  Always be eternally grateful.

(all rights Reserved to; @mammadebbs)

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