Simple words, To Live by

free will butterfly
free will butterfly

These simple words, well help; Quote;

Correct your mind, and all other things, will fall into place. (Dr. Dyer)  Therefore, when you change the way you, think of things, this can change your whole outlook in life.

purple butterflys
purple butterflies, images

Simple words to live by;

I can see clearly now, Love; your yourself, like you have never loved before.

Love is pure faith,

Love is Angelical Love.

Love is a Magical feeling,

Love yourself, like no other.

Be eternally- grateful

For freely you give, then freely you will receive.

One, key for happiness, is Pure Love.

(all rights reserved to @deb villines)

10 thoughts on “Simple words, To Live by

  1. Wayne Dyer made me understand many things and putting it together to a bigger picture. That way I stepped up and changed my life. Today I am a happy me and accept myself the way I am at each point on my journey.

    1. Yes, Wayne Dyer, is another inspirational speaker, I like to listen to. I also enjoy listening to Dolores Cannon, and Abraham Hicks. Sometimes I get depressed for no reason, and I listen to them for inspirational uplifting ideas. Just to stay motivated. Thanks for stopping by:))) Hugs, and sending you love and light. Deb

      1. Listening to them or even opening one of their books is like a fresh breeze of happiness and awareness. I always experience this when reading in their books. Big hugs to you as well, Deb 🙂

  2. Wayne Dyer is a wonderful inspirational teacher.. and his was among the first books I got in the 90’s,, Loving oneself is the key.. Lovely post Deb.
    Wishing you a blessed weekend x Sue

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