Love Makes the World Go Round

Love you image
Love you image

Love; Makes the world Go Round


How does Love work, a child ask their mother.

Love is a Hug, a Smile

Love Is a kind word, and Love helps the World Go Round.

Love is a Kind Deed, Love is a good mood,

Love Makes us feel  Bubbly way Deep down.

Love is Great Word, that Helps the World Go round…

Written by Mammadebbs\ photo is credited to

There was a little Beta

debs blue beta fish
debs blue beta fish

There was a little Beta;

Who’s name is ‘Get Me’,

Get Me.

Who loved to swim the waters, all day long.

He found himself floating upside down, and from side to side.

But one day;

Get me, See’s its Master;

Early in the morning,

as He loves to follows fingers, rubbing on his tank,

Because some times, his Mouth is wide open.

And Get me, loves his food.

So Get Me, Get me, is a Happy little Beta fish once again.

Written by; Mammadebs, all rights reserved.

The Song to My Other Self

blue bird free will
blue bird free will

(More Pieces to the Puzzle)

The Song to My Other Self

Over the years I have caught glimpses of you

in the mirror, wicked;

In a sudden stridency in my own voice, have heard you mock me;.

You are there, lurking under every kind act I do, ready to defeat me…

I have looked for you with new eyes, and opened to your tricks, but more, opened to your rootedness in life,

Come, I open my arms to you also, once-dread stranger.

Come, as a friend I would welcome you… Thus I would disarm you.  For I have recently learned, learned, looking straight in your eyes;

The holiness of God is everywhere.

(written by; Elsie Landstrom, and from Inward Light, No. 67)

(I just had to share, this marvelous poem, I can not claim the rights of writing it.  But all rights is reserved, to the author.  Photo credited to

Coffee, Please

Awesome post, I can just smell the coffee while reading it;) well written by another great blogger. I’m a Teacher again;))) thanks;)

I'm a teacher, again

Coffee Shop

summer brew smells and delights for everyone to taste

we all arrived at different times all wanting the same ideal

perhaps a latte, summer cooler, smoothie, I will preference

a hot black coffee


we are your neighbor, business woman, lunch breaker, visitor,

we will talk about  a lot of the same things all day long

everyone repeating themselves, imagining their unique

take on virtual reality, that world we all stroll through

brought to attention with the sweet aroma

of dark roast, medium brew, chocolate, or perhaps


(seems almost sacrilegious)

little does it matter though once the dialogue begins,

once the wardrobes arrive,

once all of the interactions teeming to notice one another

settle into the comfy chairs and the hardback postures.

I like to imagine people’s lives while sipping my coffee


no cream please, leave the sugar out, I think it is a healthy dose

of fresh-brewed

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The Significance of September 2015

Interesting post here; I have often wondered, about when the last days is, but Not sure its in Sept, 2015. Thanks for a great post. Deb

This System is Broken

China sparked a global stock market meltdown Monday that saw the world’s richest lose $182 Billion and countless investors, traders, and middle class portfolio holders left wondering what the markets will have in store for Tuesday. The general consensus at close seemed to be “Don’t Panic!…..Yet”, with CNN, of course, leading the way. I wonder how much of their placating is because they truly feel it is just a “market correction” or it’s just a lot false bravado in order to cover up the fact that the world is indeed headed for trouble. You know, I find it interesting that we are only NOW hearing about China’s slowing economy due to record valuations that came from over-priced commodities after run away growth after 2008. I am sure that there are a lot of financial experts much smarter than I am, and even though this supposedly…

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Dreams, of Imaginations

death mask
death mask

I have a question, about a good local friend of mine, He had a dream, or a vision per say.  This is the image he saw in his dream, and he still to this day does not know the meaning that is behind this image, as he was asleep?  I was wondering if anyone out there inter perates, dreams I was wondering, or looking for any answers out there, the meaning of this face mask.  Some say its Beethoven’s, death mask.  Not sure what to think of the meaning of this image, if a person visions this in their sleep. ( He really did dream this).  Any one have any ideas, please let me know, thanks. Deb

Path of Life

A must to read, this has a special meaning to Karl’s words;)) thanks;)

Karls Blog, Feelings from the Heart

With a crisp breeze gently caressing my soul, I stroll in the cool morning light relinquishing my thoughts of a sleepless night passing. NatureFeatured image whispers in my ear as the collection of wings flutter and dance in a harmonized fashion with joyful song.

The trail is winding back and forth like the unbridled path of my life. The smell of nectar in the air filling my senses with tasteful pleasure.

The journey is long as my legs repeat step after step the body directs. A lonely loon cries out on the lake a warning to others a stranger aloft. Currents of life fill the air of a once barren space. A rabbit emerges to check me out, and then scampers off to hide from this intruder. Humans gone now, the ravages of war. Alone I am as I look for meaning, will I enter the darkness as did the rest…

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Blogger Recognition Award

I wanted to take the time to give thanks, to my fellow blogger and friend, for Nominating me for this award.  Ashish Kumor, I really feel blessed and honored to receive this award, and I thank you; and I appreciate it very much, it really has made my day.  I will do my best to follow these rules, and I hope to upkeep my blogs in the near future, as is expected of me.  To make them more interesting and enjoyable to read.bloggerrecognitionaward

Here are the rules for this award…

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My 15 Fellow Bloggers, I would like to nominate are, I will be contacting each one of you to let you know;))  Please, give me a couple of days;

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How My Blog Got Started; is;

I have found word, by accident with a local writer friend of mine, a couple of years back.  Well I wrote a couple of blogs, and set it aside for 2 years or more.  Then I wanted something new and different other than and Hub, as I was having troubles with both blog sites for various reasons.  So ever since a good friend of mine here, has been helping me fix my pages, and my widgets.  I have liked the layouts, and the new themes we can try from time to time.  So this site has become one of my favorite blogging sites, and domains.  And the more comments I make, helps me make new friends from all over the World.  This award, rules has been very challenging for me, to come up with 15 bloggers, so I apologize in advance for accidentally double nominating someone here.  Have fun with your new Awards nominations, I look forward to reading them soon.  And I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused anyone, who does not claim awards,

My advice to new bloggers is;

I find it very helpful, to click on the Reader tab, on top left.  And look for freshly pressed blogs, and just start reading them, liking them and following them.  But most of all comment if you find a blog you like.  Because 9 times out of 10 times, they well comment back on yours, and follow you.  This is a great community, to get to know fellow bloggers.  And most of all have fun with, blogging can be very challenging at times, and habit forming, and fun as well, its always nice to meet new people and make new friends, and get to know new cultures, at the same time.  As always, Love and light; Deb

A Ferguson Missouri Dream

A Natural Dream that Just Occured

violence in Mo. 2015
violence in Mo. 2015

In this very odd dream I just had recently, I was actually there, how I got there I don’t know, because now this is after the facts everything took place.

This is the incident, description;

But it has been bearing on my mind big time.  I have family living in Independence, Mo.  Well, none of this should of taken place.  The incident that happened, began with a black teenager, was caught stealing from a convenience local store, and the Police man, thought he had a gun in his hand, which he didn’t.  He naturally shot too, and accidentally killed this young man.  Well all of the others who live there, both young and old, mostly blacks, and mixed cultures, starting rioting, and marching in the streets, crying Don’t shoot.  Well, this was only an excuse for them to be stealing, and breaking entering with many local stores, the Police had no choice but to calm this angry crowd.   I try and help others in need, whenever they cross my path or, come to me for help…But in my dream;  I was there, in Ferguson amongst the rioting, while all the chaos broke loose,  and I was just standing there, minding my own business, in Awe, thinking why is all this taking place?  Why are people so stupid to do this, and ruin their community, that was once a peaceful one?  When everyone is running about, and stealing, shooting, and hitting, abusing each other for what?  What’s the purpose?  What caused this, alot of Hatred?  ( this is not a scary dream, but it startled me for sure.)

But, in my dream I just started singing, out of the blue, what ever song, came to my mind, and actually hugging people, no matter who it was.  Showing them, how I cared, and how I loved people in general, I was just; trying hard, to spread, good feelings, and kindness to everyone.  The song I was singing, was Amazing Grace, and the Saints go Marching In.  In the end of my dream we were holding hands, and just standing there looking at everyone singing the same song.  Everyone had smiles on their faces.  The moral of this Dream is, it never hurts to hug, someone in need, and smile, they will smile back.  Here is a sample of a video, of this actual incident.  Was I actually there, did my DNA go there?  Who knows, but it seemed very real.

click on this link, for actual video.

(all rights reserved to; @mamadebbs)

(photo is credited to