Sleepless nights, poem

sleepless nights
sleepless nights

Sleepless nights, who needs them?

Who dares, to stay awake, all night long.

Who cares to sleep at all.

Our bodies, tell us when its tired, but who ever listens to these signs.

Like tired watery eyes, aching sore muscles, and sometimes, cranky attitude.

Sometimes Stress is in the way of sleep.

Sometimes, nervousness, of our daily activity, gets in the way of sleep.

Sometimes, our companions gets in the way of sleep.yet we constantly fight sleep, when its time to sleep.

Have you ever wondered, what goes on, during what seems to be long nights?  Sometimes our memories, fade away even from our dreams, at night, or we don’t want to remember our dreams, that seems to occur at night.  Like it or not, we have to sleep, sooner or later, its human nature to sleep.

And the biggy issues, is jobs, gets in the way of sleep, our normal society, works from sun rise, to sun set.  But very few works, have to be up all night, some jobs rely on them to function in society.  So what does a person do, when our body tells us its time to sleep.  It has to wait for the proper time when its scheduled to sleep.

(written by; Deb Villines, copy right @mammadebbs;

Photo is credited to free images,

13 thoughts on “Sleepless nights, poem

      1. I remember as a kids, we used to not want to sleep, and couldn’t wait for the weekends, to come along for cartoons, and play time out side. Now as an adult, its chore time and clean up on the weekends.

  1. Thank you Sue; yes whenever I have to work a double shift, or get called in earlier than planned, this really messes my body up, and my eyes gets tired before its time, and my muscles start to aches more than normal…I most of the time cover the unwanted shifts because the over time pay looks really good…I grab the extra hours when the gettin is good…if You know what I mean; hugs, and have a blessed day. Deb

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