A Ferguson Missouri Dream

A Natural Dream that Just Occured

violence in Mo. 2015
violence in Mo. 2015

In this very odd dream I just had recently, I was actually there, how I got there I don’t know, because now this is after the facts everything took place.

This is the incident, description;

But it has been bearing on my mind big time.  I have family living in Independence, Mo.  Well, none of this should of taken place.  The incident that happened, began with a black teenager, was caught stealing from a convenience local store, and the Police man, thought he had a gun in his hand, which he didn’t.  He naturally shot too, and accidentally killed this young man.  Well all of the others who live there, both young and old, mostly blacks, and mixed cultures, starting rioting, and marching in the streets, crying Don’t shoot.  Well, this was only an excuse for them to be stealing, and breaking entering with many local stores, the Police had no choice but to calm this angry crowd.   I try and help others in need, whenever they cross my path or, come to me for help…But in my dream;  I was there, in Ferguson amongst the rioting, while all the chaos broke loose,  and I was just standing there, minding my own business, in Awe, thinking why is all this taking place?  Why are people so stupid to do this, and ruin their community, that was once a peaceful one?  When everyone is running about, and stealing, shooting, and hitting, abusing each other for what?  What’s the purpose?  What caused this, alot of Hatred?  ( this is not a scary dream, but it startled me for sure.)

But, in my dream I just started singing, out of the blue, what ever song, came to my mind, and actually hugging people, no matter who it was.  Showing them, how I cared, and how I loved people in general, I was just; trying hard, to spread, good feelings, and kindness to everyone.  The song I was singing, was Amazing Grace, and the Saints go Marching In.  In the end of my dream we were holding hands, and just standing there looking at everyone singing the same song.  Everyone had smiles on their faces.  The moral of this Dream is, it never hurts to hug, someone in need, and smile, they will smile back.  Here is a sample of a video, of this actual incident.  Was I actually there, did my DNA go there?  Who knows, but it seemed very real.


click on this link, for actual video.

(all rights reserved to; @mamadebbs)

(photo is credited to google.com)

10 thoughts on “A Ferguson Missouri Dream

  1. It reminds me of the old song, “Dreams can come true. They can happen to you. When you are young at heart.” I have had dream as such that feel real. Whether we sit on them in an awaken state until they come true or we never hear about them. Be well

    1. yes I am sure of it, we never know, about where our DNA goes, when we sleep;) this is the beginning of my new research work;)) its interesting to learn more about our DNA; thanks;) and be blessed.

  2. I am also, looking into the idea; of Parallel Dimensions; I found from this great teacher and author, Dolores Cannon, talks about; in her book. This can happen as well, but she teaches the DNA moves while we are in a Hypnotic Trance. Still looking more into this theory.

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