Dreams, of Imaginations

death mask
death mask

I have a question, about a good local friend of mine, He had a dream, or a vision per say.  This is the image he saw in his dream, and he still to this day does not know the meaning that is behind this image, as he was asleep?  I was wondering if anyone out there inter perates, dreams I was wondering, or looking for any answers out there, the meaning of this face mask.  Some say its Beethoven’s, death mask.  Not sure what to think of the meaning of this image, if a person visions this in their sleep. ( He really did dream this).  Any one have any ideas, please let me know, thanks. Deb

7 thoughts on “Dreams, of Imaginations

  1. It is definitely Beethoven’s death mask. I am not a dream interpreter per say and as the brain is the last frontier of the human body to be discovered for me to say one thing or the other would be nor here nor there. I can easily say the person who dreamt of the death mask will have someone in his immediate family succumb to death. I can give 101 interpretations. Are they all right or wrong? It is just one of those things that are intangible and harder to prove. I wish I had a better answer but I don’t and that still leaves you with your question.

    1. Well, I thank you for answering me so quickly, I hope its not a death sign but, I was wondering that too, when he showed me a similar pic, that was this example. I will fill him in, next time we talk. Hugs;) Deb

  2. Did he have this dream often? Or only once? It can have so many meanings. Perhaps it might be time for leaving something behind and moving on. Or that he is closing his eyes in front of something he should look at. I don’t know but those were thoughts which came to my mind spontaneously.

    1. Hey Erika; I am not sure about how often this dream occurred, I can ask him that; and Yea it is a possibility that he is closing his eyes on something important happening in his life. I’ll check into it; thanks;))

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