The Significance of September 2015

Interesting post here; I have often wondered, about when the last days is, but Not sure its in Sept, 2015. Thanks for a great post. Deb

This System is Broken

China sparked a global stock market meltdown Monday that saw the world’s richest lose $182 Billion and countless investors, traders, and middle class portfolio holders left wondering what the markets will have in store for Tuesday. The general consensus at close seemed to be “Don’t Panic!…..Yet”, with CNN, of course, leading the way. I wonder how much of their placating is because they truly feel it is just a “market correction” or it’s just a lot false bravado in order to cover up the fact that the world is indeed headed for trouble. You know, I find it interesting that we are only NOW hearing about China’s slowing economy due to record valuations that came from over-priced commodities after run away growth after 2008. I am sure that there are a lot of financial experts much smarter than I am, and even though this supposedly…

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