The Song to My Other Self

blue bird free will
blue bird free will

(More Pieces to the Puzzle)

The Song to My Other Self

Over the years I have caught glimpses of you

in the mirror, wicked;

In a sudden stridency in my own voice, have heard you mock me;.

You are there, lurking under every kind act I do, ready to defeat me…

I have looked for you with new eyes, and opened to your tricks, but more, opened to your rootedness in life,

Come, I open my arms to you also, once-dread stranger.

Come, as a friend I would welcome you… Thus I would disarm you.  For I have recently learned, learned, looking straight in your eyes;

The holiness of God is everywhere.

(written by; Elsie Landstrom, and from Inward Light, No. 67)

(I just had to share, this marvelous poem, I can not claim the rights of writing it.  But all rights is reserved, to the author.  Photo credited to

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