Love, Faith, Hope and Charity

faith, hope, and charity
(faith, hope, and charity)

What must I do to inherit Eternal Peace in our Lives?

Love has no room for me to be afraid.  And, remain Faithful unto the End.  Love, has no room for jealousy.

Faith, Hope and Charity, and only by Grace we are saved.  By Faith in Jesus, we have hope for surviving.  Love is precious, in every moment we treasure it, and we experience it.

For without Love, we will not find the light.  Love, no matter what the situation is in your life.  Remember, be faithful and Love others and even love yourself.

(written, by the author, @Deb Villines)



dreamcatcher part 5

Here lately, its been a very difficult time for me; I have also been very down in the dumps as well as discouraged, since my father passed away in the KC, VA Hospital, he was all alone.  

(My dad was sent to Germany, shortly after World War 11, then when he came back from overseas, he married my mother, who soon developed Cancer several years later; after 5 children were born, and Jennifer was a baby, when she passed away in 1969, I was 12 years old.) My father was a school teacher, he taught Math and Science, and a coach for football and basket ball, Junior High boys.)  He was also a local Pastor of our church, and he farmed for many years.

 My sister had just left for the day, from the Hospital, and I have been working non-stop, living in another state, and doing the kind of work I do, we are usually work, short handed, meaning not enough staff, I work with Mental Health.  My dad apparently, had to be revived because he had a heart attack, and it was about 2 or 3 am, maybe closer to 4:30 am, back in February 2015;  They tried to do a blood transfusion, when he was a DNR.  But the day before he was sitting up, talking and eating.  My sister was preparing a Nursing Home room for him, and washing all his clothes and laundry, as he stayed in the bed room apartment, in her house in MO.  I was working the late all night shift that day.  And, I was planning on a weekend visit to Missouri to see him.  Plans was changed quickly on this visit.

 Then a month later, one of my good friends from school, had a ‘heart attack’ at home, and soon passed away.  I knew her ever since the 8th grade in high school.  Her name was Sally and she always saved a bus seat for me, as we were usually the last stop.  As we got older, we’d chat alot on the phone, way late hours.  I was a night person, and so was Sally, we’d be there for each other when on one else was.  She was a diabetic too.  Bless her heart, life was not fair to her either, with her health issues, but she always had a smile on her face no matter what.  So, anyways, I just want you all to know this is one reason, I haven’t been writing too much, here on  Just visiting new profiles, and lurking about.  When I get depressed, its hard to get out in that state of mind, and function.  

(Have you ever, tried to tell someone something, and you just can’t get the right words out to tell them, then one day its too Late?  Well this happened to me in both cases, with my good friend, and my dad, and now its too late for both of them.)  We all have a number on our toes, when its our turn to Pass Away, but we also have now, take advantage of our time now here on Earth, to spend as much quality time with friends and families as much as possible.  Sit down and have your Heart to Heart talks, don’t wait until its too late.)

My father has a twin sister who is still alive, their Birthday’s Sept. 20, and so is my little sister Sherry, and my eldest daughter Teeyana, all born on the same day.  This is 3 generations Birthday.  It just dawned on my this is part of my depression this week, we used to do family pot lucks for dad…at my sister’s Jennifer’s house.

So, I just take one day at a time, and go about my usual daily routine.  God Bless everyone; and thanks for stopping in.

purple feathers
purple feathers

Debbie’s Paramedic- Student-Dream, part 1

Just the other day, I had a very vivid Dream, and it was in full color, it felt as if I was really there, but yet in this dream I am an EMT, student, studying to be a rescue, training classes.  Who works on the Ambulance.

student ambulance vehicle
student ambulance vehicle

It started out, like they handed me my 2 or 3 spare of uniforms all wrapped up neatly, in a clear plastic bag, with my name tag attached.  It is in a even clearer plastic harder type cover, with a safety clamp on top of it.  As I was walking along, a line of young ladies, like myself; all of us looking forward, to this brand new experience, and chit chatting about it, along the way.  Yea it didn’t matter at that point who we were.  We was just excited to join the dorms, and the team of brand new trainees for student- Paramedics.  I was dragging along behind me, two black suit cases with zippers on them, and my hands getting fuller as I go.  

I was walking in a building, that appeared to be long white hallway, it was as if it all all windows, on both sides, and just at the end of it was where the nice lady was who handed us the uniforms and name tags.  Just around the corner, the color of the walls, just changed to a darker tanned yellow, like it was tanned.   The steps seemed to get more nearer, we were sent into our dorms, which appeared to have 3 beds in each of them.  All with  blankets, were folded neatly at the foot of the bed, and clean bed sheets, a couple of pillows on each, and a dresser with a night stand, all the same color, in my room, they were black that matched the bed steads.  I placed my suitcases on my bed, and I had my door key on a long rope type thing, one of my room mates name was Katie  She appeared to have shorter darker curly hair, almost auburn, color, she was a bit on the thin size.  But she was just as nice as can be, and helpful too.  (continued to part 2)

student dorms
student dorms

(this is just an example of what I saw, besides the color didn’t match, and the amount of beds.)

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