Debbie’s Paramedic- Student-Dream, part 1

Just the other day, I had a very vivid Dream, and it was in full color, it felt as if I was really there, but yet in this dream I am an EMT, student, studying to be a rescue, training classes.  Who works on the Ambulance.

student ambulance vehicle
student ambulance vehicle

It started out, like they handed me my 2 or 3 spare of uniforms all wrapped up neatly, in a clear plastic bag, with my name tag attached.  It is in a even clearer plastic harder type cover, with a safety clamp on top of it.  As I was walking along, a line of young ladies, like myself; all of us looking forward, to this brand new experience, and chit chatting about it, along the way.  Yea it didn’t matter at that point who we were.  We was just excited to join the dorms, and the team of brand new trainees for student- Paramedics.  I was dragging along behind me, two black suit cases with zippers on them, and my hands getting fuller as I go.  

I was walking in a building, that appeared to be long white hallway, it was as if it all all windows, on both sides, and just at the end of it was where the nice lady was who handed us the uniforms and name tags.  Just around the corner, the color of the walls, just changed to a darker tanned yellow, like it was tanned.   The steps seemed to get more nearer, we were sent into our dorms, which appeared to have 3 beds in each of them.  All with  blankets, were folded neatly at the foot of the bed, and clean bed sheets, a couple of pillows on each, and a dresser with a night stand, all the same color, in my room, they were black that matched the bed steads.  I placed my suitcases on my bed, and I had my door key on a long rope type thing, one of my room mates name was Katie  She appeared to have shorter darker curly hair, almost auburn, color, she was a bit on the thin size.  But she was just as nice as can be, and helpful too.  (continued to part 2)

student dorms
student dorms

(this is just an example of what I saw, besides the color didn’t match, and the amount of beds.)

(all rights reserved, to the author, deb villines, and credited to


2 thoughts on “Debbie’s Paramedic- Student-Dream, part 1

  1. Absolutely, Erika; yes; dreams really do feel real, I know this one did for sure, my only wish was, it really did happen…I enjoy working with mental health, and helping people in need. Thanks for stopping by, my friend;)) Hugs, and have a great day;))

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