Love, Faith, Hope and Charity

faith, hope, and charity
(faith, hope, and charity)

What must I do to inherit Eternal Peace in our Lives?

Love has no room for me to be afraid.  And, remain Faithful unto the End.  Love, has no room for jealousy.

Faith, Hope and Charity, and only by Grace we are saved.  By Faith in Jesus, we have hope for surviving.  Love is precious, in every moment we treasure it, and we experience it.

For without Love, we will not find the light.  Love, no matter what the situation is in your life.  Remember, be faithful and Love others and even love yourself.

(written, by the author, @Deb Villines)

5 thoughts on “Love, Faith, Hope and Charity

    1. Appreciate you stopping by; the Butterfly dens, I thought about it, when I’m planting flowers, and you see alot of butterfly’s its a sure sign of Spring in the Air;)) Nice meeting you too;)

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