If I could write These, Poems, By Cats

This book, is called ‘I could Pee on this.’  Its a poem book review, I was really impressed with these poems, I wanted to share a few of them with you.  Just imagine if your world, was like a Cats.

kitty part 1
(kitty from my iphone, credited to @debvillines)

‘Who is That on MY LAP?’

There's another cat in the house.
A Cat I've never seen before.
A much younger cat.
And yet, you seem to know her name.
You accidentally called me by her name.
Right in front of the lamp.
And yet my friend the throw pillow.
I've never been so humiliated.
So I may never love again.
(written by; Francesco) 

evie home window
Evie loves windows, (credited to; debvillines)

You can have the CD's,
I will take the string.
You can have the TV,
I will take this fuzzy thing.
You can have the kitchen set,
I will take this crumpled foil,
You can have the car,
I will keep this rug I soil.
You can have the beach house, 
I will take this tissue box.
You can have everything, 
Ooo I want those dirty socks.
For how dare you come home, 
smelling of another cat?
Who is that cat, I don't recognize?
(by; Francesco)


Something's wrong,
Why are the walls a different color?
Something's not right,
When did we get these stairs?
Something's off,
How did the kitchen move across the floor?
Something's going on,
Who changed all the homes outside?
Something's very odd,
Why are you mispronouncing 'Georgia?'
as 'New York?'
Something happened,
When you put me in that carrying case,
and someday soon, I will figure it out.
(by, Francesco)


I knead your chest with my sharp claws,
TO show you my affection.
I bite your arm and don't lwt go,
To show you adoration.
I walk across your throat at night,
Because I want to say, 'Hello.'
I leap from high upon your crotch,
Because I miss you so.
I trip you when I walk down the stairs,
So you know I'm always near.
I sit on your face and block all your air,
So my absence you need not fear.
I show my love in so many ways,
As my devotion runs over,
So I don't know why when I approach,
You duck and run for cover.
(by, Francesco)

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