Spirit World

One day, I had a great pleasure of talking with a friend of mine, and he is a ‘spiritualist, and physic’ he was checking his ‘spirit box’ reader, and there was voices on it, and one was my father asking for me, he said my real first name, Deborah; and no body calls me by that name but him.  And there was another name mentioned, he did not know about, cause I never told him it before that was my sister’s name in this ‘Channeling’ visit from the spirit world.  I know some of you don’t believe in this type of spiritual visits, but if you were there it would make a believer out of you.  (Here’s what happened)

When my friend Dan set his EVP up, for a reading check of his house, we have been seeing shadows there, some white ones.  We did here a mans’ voice he said my name; Deborah, sounded like him, he passed away a year ago in Feb.  Then we talked about he said he is in Peace and I did find the light, he said.  Then he said he loved me, and he wanted let go so he can be in Peace.  And I agreed, then he faded away, my friend said.  My brother Ben, was appearing on my left shoulder,’as my arms got all tingling, feeling all of a sudden, like chills.’  This was an indication, he was there;

What he said, was he asked me about his Bible, that had his name on it, I said it was safe with me, not to worry.  He next asked about my Sister Yvonne, and no one else, knew this name, I said she was fine; but she did recover from Cancer.  When he next asked if he can wispper something in my left Ear, I said, sure;  ‘He said, I love you.’  I couldn’t hear this, but my friend did, and repeated these words to me.  Soon, he faded away, he was a very tall figure, as he was when he was alive.  Soon, my Mother appeared, to him, as we was holding hands during this Channeling visit, he describe what so looked like, and I agreed, how much she likes dresses, and she said she Loves me.  Then she said, something else, he said, that I don’t agree with.  Because, she was an angelic type women, and she had a voice that was amazing, when she sang, everyone agreed.

(all rights reserved, to @ Deb Villines)