Kyrielle #2 – Sing to Spring!

hope you all enjoy this poem as much as I did;

Autumn Ambles

IMG_5581(WP)In gratitude for each new day,
As feathered friends their ditties sing,
Let every living creature say,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring.

As Sun its early risings make,
May dullards not to blankets cling,
Tis time in chorus to partake,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring.

Adore the colour of new blooms,
Fair daffodils delight do bring,
The atmosphere filled with perfumes,
All Hail, the Advent of our Spring!


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The Dream Takers

this is one of my favorites, written by my fellow blogger; Richard Ankers;

Richard M. Ankers - Author

When the dust settles,
The seeds of another’s wind
Gathered upon furrowed brows,
We shall have won.
It may not taste like victory,
Sound like victory,
Nor even feel it,
But we shall.
We shall stand alone, yet united,
Gazing out across the ruined fields
Of once dreams and hopes,
With plans and belief:
Rebuild, regrow, renew.
The others won’t,
And for that we pity them.
But not for long.

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