Depression what causes it?
Is this a disease, or a biological disorder?
Can one survive depression disorders, emotionally, to one's attitude, adjustment?
Or does Depression, cause all illnesses, and diseases and self
inflicted, to ones Soul.

What can a person do to overcome Depression?
Is there always hope, or is there always Fear?

How does one, evaluate Depression?
Is this contiguous?
Or is it only human, to become Depressed?
What causes Depression?

written by; Deb Villines, on 4/27/2016

The Beauty of Little Things

Interesting thoughts here, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


I am no one to preach but this is my experience of life so far and i want to share some things I have understood and learnt.

1. Whatever has happened in the past if it still haunts you, you are already dead. Whatever will happen in the future if it is already troubling you, you are way out of your time living in the future. Whatever is happening to you now if that matters you are living in the moment and cherishing it.

2. If you miss the right moment you will regret it later so never miss an opportunity when it presents itself.

3. Whatever happens, never lose hope.

4. Sleep early, wake up early, it is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself. Benjamin Franklin says “There will be enough time to sleep in the grave.”

5. Never give up on yourself.


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Forever & Ever, poem

free images of love
Love you ‘image,’


You can say whatever,
But I will always be to clever, and love you forever.

You might be with whomever,
But I will find you wherever, and love you forever.

We will always be together,
Forever and ever.

Shared by; Scott N. and uploaded by; deb villines on 4/15/16

Caring about You, a poem

dream catcher,

Beware that life can be unfair,
Their is something's I can not bare.

When we have feelings to share,
You should never be too scared, to share them.

When you pair up with someone who cares,
We will all sit down and share our
favorite beverage, and a family prayer.

Shared, by; Scott N. on 4/15/16

The Heavenly Saint, Poem

sundays sunrise
breath taking sunrise, in from deb villines;

He is the creator of the heavens,
His lucky number is eleven.

He is the creator of the earth,
My mother is the one who suffered through my 14th 
hour of birth,
He is also the creator of the universe.

God loves all his children and we come so ever willing,
His love is so fulfilling.

God loves his sons and daughters,
By performing miracles by turning the wine into water.

What makes him so divine?
Is that he loves us all the time.

A poem, written and shared by Scott N. all rights reserved to @ deb villines.


loving hearts
(image credited to free images from

I will have a family someday,
I will get my family move far far away.

I will stand by you on the bay,
I will be with you until judgement day.

We will argue once a day,
Then we will make it up someway.

I will give you a kiss everyday,
Then pretend it is Valentine's Day.

When it becomes Valentine's Day, 
I will love you in every way.

A Poem, written and shared by; Scott N. all rights reserved 
to @ deb villines, on 4/6/2016

The Poem of “ights”

Kent Park, walking in the parks;

When I get up in the light,
The Sun is very bright.

When I get ready for a fight,
I will try to set things right.

When I get  on a flight,
I am very scared of heights.

When I can't stand the sight,
I will close my eyes and say goodnight.

Written, and shared by Scott N. on 4/6/2016

The Poem of “Art”

When I get up to have a good start,
I will come down to warm your heart.

When it is time to turn our art,
We will become so very smart.

If we become so far apart,
You will always be my work of art.

IF you break my heart,
I wish we could have another start.

A poem written and shared by Scott N. all rights reserved @ 'deb villines' on