Depression what causes it?
Is this a disease, or a biological disorder?
Can one survive depression disorders, emotionally, to one's attitude, adjustment?
Or does Depression, cause all illnesses, and diseases and self
inflicted, to ones Soul.

What can a person do to overcome Depression?
Is there always hope, or is there always Fear?

How does one, evaluate Depression?
Is this contiguous?
Or is it only human, to become Depressed?
What causes Depression?

written by; Deb Villines, on 4/27/2016

10 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Hiya Deb and thanks for the follow! Depression blows donkey balls. We’ve seen plenty of it in our family. It is of course caused by a lack of love and lack of belonging (among many others), two things that the current society provides in abundance. Oh but you can always Botox on a smile that’ll cheer ya right up😄😉

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