A Mother’s Gentle Light;

'A Mother's Gentle Light'

Mother of Mine,
Light of my soul, ever inspiring me to higher goals.
You who are so dear to me, when I look at you what do I see?

I see a woman, yes, but more by far, of sunshine and 
moonlight and a star.

I see human feelings, joy, pain and fear, a gentle smile,
and a hidden tear or two.

I see strength, and the courage to be meek a helping hand,
to those who are weak; a kindly word, a spring shower.

The song of a bird and a dewy flower.
I see a soul shinning there, that can only be true and fair,
the soft music of a dear old hymn, and a heart full of love, 
blessed by Him.

I see sacrifices made for me, and dreams imprisoned,
that mine might be free;
A Mother whose moto or'er life's stormy sea is, always there.
To guide me through Jesus,  as my personal pilot of me.

author; unknown. @debvillines