64 thoughts on “Chemistry of We Bloggers

      1. hahahah You know when i hear an English person talking in hindi, it sounds way beyond cute!! tora tora … it should be thora thora … must i say, i am impressed…

      2. absolutely, my daughter who moved to SC, she speaks 3 languages, quite well; Japanese, and some dutch, and some Chinese. I learned some Spanish from school,,,I need to study up on some more; lol

      3. well it is always a great idea to know as many languages as one can… I am sure, it makes you more flexible.. and encourages you to travel… lol

      4. yea that’s for sure, and it takes alot of patience, and study time; but, hey on the upswing, I am enjoying this conversation;)) and I appreciate it…

      5. its my pleasure, any time; you all are welcome here to chat here, anytime;))) if I don’t respond right away, i’m away from my computer;)) but I always check in with my bloggers friends…I maybe a couple of days behind with work going crazy…

      6. Don’t you all, enjoy computers, and especially the blogging world, we live in, and the internet, access, we can get these days, all over the World;))

      7. This is such an effective measure to bring people together and makes this world too small in a good way. I just love the blogging world.. it is surely a way out to peace and happiness

      8. I am sure.. it actually connects people who may never have known each other otherwise.. there is so much to learn and share.. the possibilities are infinite… amazing!!

      9. absolutely, thanks to all of you;))) I am working this afternoon, but I will return this evening;))) stay blessed;)) and you may carry on if you all want too;)))

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