Severe Thunderstorms on the Way

These clouds, carry very Severe Thunder storms, and Tornado’s, Warnings, yesterday in Iowa, July 19, 2016.


clouds july 2016
Credited to, @Deb Villines


(Thunder Storm, July, 2016)

clouds 3
credited to, @Deb Villines photo, 

We had a major drought, before this Thunder storm, which took place, most all afternoon, and Tornado warnings, were involved, as well as major Flooding, and Hailing.



Rookie Mistakes that Ruin your Writing

this is alot of helpful hints and tips, hope you all enjoy this post as much as I did;)

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As a high school English teacher and literary magazine co-sponsor; former yearbook advisor; graduate of a Master’s writing program; occasional participant in writing workshops and critique groups; occasional freelance proofreader; and occasional writing tutor, I have read writing at all its stages, from rough draft to final draft, and writers at all their stages, from novice to better-than-I’ll-ever-be. Today, as I read through some work for a writing group and reflect on student work I read during the school year, I realized there are five common mistakes writers make, whether they are newbies, or seasoned writers working on an early draft. Here they are, so you can look out for them in your own early drafts.

Inconsistent Tense

I am not sure why writers make this mistake. Perhaps we are simply thinking too quickly and writing too slowly, resulting in a lapse of attention to detail. Perhaps we have simply…

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