Severe Thunderstorms on the Way

These clouds, carry very Severe Thunder storms, and Tornado’s, Warnings, yesterday in Iowa, July 19, 2016.


clouds july 2016
Credited to, @Deb Villines


(Thunder Storm, July, 2016)

clouds 3
credited to, @Deb Villines photo, 

We had a major drought, before this Thunder storm, which took place, most all afternoon, and Tornado warnings, were involved, as well as major Flooding, and Hailing.



8 Replies to “Severe Thunderstorms on the Way”

      1. yea; been down, about the loss of our little dog, last 2 weeks, he was attacked in his own yard, on his own leash; Just now picked up his ashes, at the Vets; Hope you are doing good too;))

      2. Oh no. I am so sorry, Deb! I can only imagine how you must feel. It is not only the loss but the tragedy too. Send you heartfelt hugs over the pond 💖💖

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