Pure HEARTS at Peace

Pure Hearts;
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The young heart,
is like a pure heart.

The teenage heart, is full of mischievous ways.

The young adult heart,is more of a 
learning experience.
The Elderly Heart, is more at Peace in ones sole.
And the dying Heart and sole, 
soon becomes reborn in the 
after life, and moves on.

By; Deb Villines, 2016
(all rights reserved to, 
@deb villines, Butterfly Den)




(photo credited to, google.com)

FORGIVENESS DOES NOT CHANGE THE PAST;  But, it can help to change your future;)

coloring flowers

(credited to, @debvillines)


SHE: A Freckled Divinity

this is an awesome writer, and a must to read;)

An Obvious Oblivion Blog


Once upon a time,
In the land of
Legislative and Ignorant,
There was this Lady
with eyes so dark brown,
they usually appeared Black.
Shoulder length locks
Swung on and off
her light freckled cheeks.
Her fears were special.
She fought
to keep her own little place
Safe and Independent
within her wings spread wide.
Over-thinker and Insecure,
Heart of the gold,
Eyes of the goddess,
Spoke harsh and straight.
Hypocrisy and Rigidity
broke her heart.
She mended the broken
with the beauty of her soul.
She was a complete story in herself,
with many climaxes,
Many Ugly, some Divine.
But at the end of every Chapter,
she survived the tragedies,
She mended the broken,
rebuilt her trust in Humanity
and Loved.

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More Autographed Art

Blue Morning Glories;))

@Deb Villines; 2016
Hope these pictures puts a smile on your face;)))

Beautiful Colored Flowers, @Deb Villines


@Deb villines, 2016

Colored Rose, colored by me;) I don't know about you all, but I find coloring to be 
very relaxing, just as much as sewing...