What is the “State of Appreciation?”

Do you know what appreciation, really is?    This is what I found, from a web source online.  (Appreciation is, a certain gratitude, and thankfulness, of recognition.  (dictionary.com)

A state of appreciation, is the line up, of whom I have become, with in my own personal vibrational match. (Abraham-hicks.com)

Appreciation, is a vibrational being, an personal instinct, a match of my vibration is not, picking out, my net picky ways.

As when I am in high hopes, and see things in a different way, and source, and I complain of nothing else, that can get in my way.  Then I can reach my own personal desires, and only then, I can see things alot more clearly, in the beginning of a new day.  I can learn to be more thankful, and more grateful for the natural things, I have, and not expect things I can’t have, or regret not having these things, for they are only materials of the World, they can not help my spiritual growth.  I look at things around me, for example.

I am grateful for our beautiful day, and lots of Sunshine.  But, I also enjoy rain showers, that helps freshen up, the air, and feeds, our plants, and animals, so they may drink, and survive.  I am thankful for the beautiful seasons, and falling colorful leaves, and for our, warm houses, and the food we have to eat, for the clothes on my back, and enough money to pay my bills.  I am thankful, for all my family and friends, and loved ones.

(all rights reserved, to the author, @mamma-debbs) Photo, is taken from my sisters personal camera at Kent Park, in Iowa.